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5 Things You’ll Miss With Cloud Based BPM Applications

Team Kissflow

Updated on 24 Mar 2024 3 min read

Cloud-based enterprise business process management (BPM) applications are doing great things for organizations.

There is a flip side to it, though. Major transitions like these require teams to leave old habits behind. You may just end up actually missing some aspects of using legacy systems or the pen-and-paper rigmarole.

Here are some experiences you may be nostalgic about once your organization adopts enterprise BPM.

enterprise bpm

The Breakdowns

There’s a quaint charm about legacy systems. Like old coal-fueled trains, they move along at their own pace, break down every now and then, but largely stay strong. Legacy systems are usually run on internal networks so any breakdown requires considerable repair. Additionally, there is increased susceptibility to virus and malware attacks.

In comparison, cloud enterprise business process management facilitates high productivity since it features robust backup measures that ensure minimal downtime, if any. Built-in firewalls in these applications protect the organization from attacks and hacks. Since they normally run on robust platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, there’s added data protection as well as the ability to scale as per the organization’s requirements.

The Drama

Pen-and-paper or email systems usually provide enough drama in a day so you never have to turn to another reality TV show again. Especially in organizations that are spread across continents and require collaboration between employees on a frequent basis, they can make information exchange particularly frustrating. This, in turn, contributes to lower productivity and lot of finger pointing when it comes time to identify loopholes in processes.

Cloud enterprise BPM, on the other hand, stores information on a centralized database, which means that all stakeholders have easy access to relevant information. A single system of record ensures that there’s no redundancy in data thereby minimizing confusion. With work getting done smoothly and everyone getting along, you might just have to revert to binge-watching something on the weekends for your regular dose of drama.

Your IT Department Friends

Legacy systems enable a lot of bonding time with your IT department friends. Given that you’ll need their help to install, configure, apply updates released by the vendor, address server-related issues, and fix stray virus attacks, chances of you becoming their codependent buddy is rather high.

When you transition to cloud enterprise BPM, however, you’ll eventually see less and less of each other. Cloud enterprise business process management vendors take care of all your process-related needs through the lifecycle of the product. In the rare event that you need anything, the support team can be reached at any time of day.

The “Away From Desk” Rationale

Legacy systems require you to access your BPM tool only at your computer at work and nowhere else. In this case, “away from my desk” is a plausible and acceptable reason for virtually any work-related question.

Once cloud enterprise business process management is deployed, that rationale no longer holds water. Since information is stored on a centralized database, locations, as well as devices, cease to be limitations. Even if you’re on the go and all you have is your iPad at hand, you’ll still have easy access to all the information you need.

Treasure Hunt for Insights

If you’ve been using ancient paper filing systems, you’ll be familiar with the treasure hunt you have to undertake every time the boss asks for reports to be prepared. It is an exercise in patience, by the end of which you’ll deserve an award.

On cloud enterprise BPMs, generating reports is fairly simple. Since all data is in one location and stored efficiently, putting them together and drawing insights is a breeze. Comprehensive dashboards can help you stay updated with processes in a glance.

Once your organization transitions to cloud enterprise business process management, you may find yourself waxing nostalgic about days gone by. You’ll miss them the way you miss that pedantic old teacher from school or that annoying college roommate who was so messy that you frequently found yourself buried in his/her belongings.

The Change Your Enterprise Needs

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