All You’ll Ever Need to Know About Rapid Application Development


What is RAD Development?

RAD works by compressing the entire app development lifecycle, based on James Martin’s technique.

Think of RAD as a vacuum packed, lightweight camping bag, as opposed to lugging around a huge suitcase when you are on the trail.

The stuffed suitcase has the traditional 6 steps:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

James Martin’s RAD

James Martin’s RAD: A technique introduced in 1991

  • Requirements Planning – All stakeholders (end users, programmers, and management) talk about the need for the app, the scope of the solution, and limitations
  • User Design – App users work with creators to develop modular prototypes–users state the needs, app creators make working models that solve these needs
  • Construction – Business users still participate actively in app creation and testing, as they understand needs better than the average programmer
  • Cutover – Just like the ‘implementation’ and ‘maintenance’ stages of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Users adopt the new app and get trained to use it.

Platforms today use a modified version of James Martin’s RAD, depending on the app, and how and where it will be used. Using RAD, new apps are created and deployed much quicker.

Why Develop With RAD Using Kissflow

Developing a RAD app is child’s play using Kissflow . Low-code abilities and a visual platform will help you create and deploy apps in no time.

  • A simple WYSIWYG form editor lets you design how data will be captured
  • Using Kissflow’s intuitive visual layout, decide the various steps in your app
  • No programmers needed–Kissflow is simple enough for business users!
  • Deploy your app, after you assign who gets to use it

The Benefits of Going RAD

  • Visual editors : Design modules of your app with ease in a short time.
  • Deploy apps quickly : Release apps as soon as you create them, improve total time to market.
  • Relational databases : Use data contextually. For instance, leave request apps can check employee leave balance.
  • Deployment-specific features : Multi-device previews, cloud deployment, and release lifecycle management abilities.
  • Continuous deployment : The ‘continuous deployment’ ability is crucial to a RAD platform’s success.

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