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How No-Code Products Increase Your Business Productivity

Team Kissflow

Updated on 17 Apr 2024 1 min read

No-code products help you avoid the time-consuming process of writing code from scratch and boost business productivity.

What are the features of a no-code product?

No-code platforms are built to make it quick and easy to produce applications without having to add custom coding.

App builder

Build fully-functional applications and internal work tools with a straightforward and intuitive visual editor. 

Process builder

No-code process builders allow you to build workflows that streamline different aspects of your internal operations.

Form builder

Build highly interactive, customizable, and editable forms that are ready-to-go for capturing valuable data for your business.

Voice tech

Thanks to the latest advances in no-code technology, users can now build chatbots and voice assistants without complex coding.

Project management

Plan work, assign tasks, and manage project teams seamlessly using intuitive project management functionalities offered by cloud-based no-code tools.

How to increase productivity using no-code products

No-code products change how enterprises build apps. Businesses across all industries can leverage these intuitive products to build complex workflows and fully-functional business apps without writing code. It's a simple and cost-effective way to bring ideas to life. 

Business transformation

No-code products make it easier and less expensive to achieve business process transformation across various departments of an organization. 

Widen talent pool 

By supporting the rise of citizen developers, no-code development increases the pool of talent available for an organization to build applications without relying on IT. 

App development time

Conventional app development can be time-consuming. It takes very little time to create a quality app with a no-code platform, and it cuts development time significantly. 


By automating routine processes with apps built with no-code products, employees will have more time for initiatives that contribute directly to the company's success. 

Cost reduction

The cost of developing an application from scratch with custom code can easily exceed $100,000. Building with no-code is significantly cheaper.

How no-code products help IT deliver impact

No-code development should be a win for both business units and IT. IT teams can oversee development and govern the platform. Business units can get their apps faster and make customizations on their own.

Kissflow's no-code work platform

Kissflow is a no-code app development product for businesses looking to boost productivity by adopting a no-code approach to work. Kissflow helps you build enterprise-grade apps faster and democratize app development to unlock innovation for your organization.

Don’t know how to code? You can still build apps without depending on IT.