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How No-Code Platforms Can Give a Big Win to Your Exhausted IT Department

Team Kissflow

Updated on 17 Apr 2024 3 min read

Organizations across the world are constantly looking for new ways of application development that can make their business processes more agile and allow them to react quickly to changes according to new market opportunities.

Manual coding isn’t just expensive and time-consuming, but it also distances your IT teams from the business teams, which can cause miscommunication and errors in projects.

No-code platforms allow business users to create applications by themselves without the help of highly skilled and experienced IT developers. These platforms can empower the employees in your organization to execute day-to-day tasks even more efficiently.

What Are No-Code Platforms?

No-code platforms provide a code-free way for users to develop and deploy applications. Business users with no prior coding experience can create applications on their own without writing a single line of code.

While most employees in your company may understand the logic behind the applications they want to build, they might not have the required knowledge in programming or coding to build it.

No-code platforms have wizards, drag-and-drop tools, and auto-generated user interfaces that simplify the entire development process.

No-code platforms can be used to create apps that are:

  • Used for capturing, tracking, processing, and reporting data
  • Mission-critical or just make workflow better
  • Standalone or easily integrated with other applications
  • Used to automate workflows

No-Code Platforms Are the Solution to IT Headaches

According to a report, over 25 percent of IT projects fail right away, 20-25 percent don’t have any ROI, and over 50 percent of IT projects need major reworking by the time they are finished.

But the real question here is–Why do so many IT projects fail?

Turns out, over 54 percent of IT projects fail because of poor management and only 3 percent of them fail because of technical issues.

That means, your organization needs to bridge the gap between business teams and IT teams in order to lead successful projects, and that is exactly where no-code platforms can help.

Here are some of the many ways no-code platforms can help your company and score a big win for the IT department:

Overcome legacy systems

Automating manual business processes and replacing legacy systems has almost become a necessity for companies to stay ahead of the competition and increase productivity. With no-code platforms, you are able to design applications to automate manual processes in order to improve transparency and help your team achieve higher efficiency.

Include the entire team in the development process

Instead of just the IT team deciding what an application should look like and how it should work, no-code platforms also allow the business teams to become an active part of the development process.

The visual interface of no-code platforms is the key to its power, which lets managers and other citizen developers design applications themselves. Instead of explaining to the developers what they want, which can often lead to confusions, they can show the application to the developers visually.

Create an agile platform for everyone and anyone

No-code platforms make good on the promises of agile methodology. With no-code platforms, you are able to integrate your organization into software development, instead of integrating software development into your organization.

Business teams are able to impact development processes, strategies, and implementations that in turn lead to better organizational alignment. Organizations are also able to modify their strategies in a matter of days and weeks, as compared to months and years

No-Code Development Platforms vs Traditional Coding Platforms

Features Traditional Development No-Code Development
Primarily serves Developers Business users, developers, and everyone else in between
Coding needed Yes No
Scope Builds large projects Builds applications that can be integrated with each other
Development time Slow turnaround time Relatively faster
Time to market Slow to launch because it takes a long time to manually code and test applications With drag and drop features along with pre-built components, this is quick to launch
Maintenance Can be expensive and time-consuming Easy to make any modifications
Integration Requires more coding and testing, which in turn leads to delays

Final Words

No-code platforms can empower employees working in different sections of the company to bring out their wide range of skills and insights in order to build innovative and targeted solutions quickly and more efficiently.

Kissflow no-code app development platform that can help you automate your workflow processes and give a big win to your IT team.