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Low Code

#1 No-Code Platform For Startups


Discover the essential facts about no-code platforms for your startup and boost productivity, save costs, and enhance agility.

Why should startups adopt no-code

No-code tools have evolved now more than ever. These days you can build practically anything without writing a line of code. Startups can benefit from this “no-code” trend in different ways:

Go live faster 

Using a no-code app platform, you can publish your app relatively quickly. Cut the long wait for apps developed the traditional way with no-code development. 


Startups grow rapidly and evolve as they do. No-code platforms provide the flexibility startups need to adapt as they grow.

Speed and agility 

No-code development increases business agility and efficiency by helping you position your startup better in a highly competitive market. 


No-code platform paves the way for citizen development. It empowers business users to build apps that enhance productivity and frees development teams for more critical projects. 

Use cases of no-code web apps

Workflow Management 

The workflow of every startup has areas in need of optimization. No-code development can be used to build apps that streamline core workflows for optimal productivity.

Process automation

Build powerful forms and feature-packed process workflows to automate mundane tasks and transform manual processes into smart and agile ones, 

App Development 

Citizen developers can leverage no code web platforms to build fully functional enterprise apps to streamline work and boost productivity without writing a line of code. 

Project management 

Customizable views to track the progress of projects, assign tasks and manage project teams seamlessly all from the same place. 

Reasons to choose no-code over traditional app development

Traditional app development has to do with manual coding. While it still remains a relevant way of building and maintaining apps, no-code development is fast becoming a viable alternative, and here’s why:

Speed of development

Building a fully-functional app with manual code takes about four to six months. You can cut this time by half or more by opting for no-code development. 


Users have far more leeway in making modifications with no-code application development than with traditional coding. A no-code software allows for instantaneous updates on your product. 


With no-code development, startups can advance and adapt more quickly. No-code development products require significantly fewer developers with just above-average tech expertise. 


Apps built with no-code tools are just as functional and efficient as those built from scratch with custom code. In less time and with fewer resources, you get a fully-functional app. 

Who are the users of no-code for startups

The users in startups for no-code are basically classified into two categories. 

IT developers

IT developers are individuals with technical skills for designing and building computer programs for mobile, desktop, and computer browsers. IT developers can either write code from scratch or use low-code platforms with high customization. 

Citizen developers

Citizen developers are users with little or no coding experience. However, they have enough technical knowledge to build and deploy apps using IT-approved platforms. 

Kissflow: The best no-code platform in the market

Kissflow is a unified work platform with no-code, low-code development capabilities. It has a simple yet powerful app editor and loads of sophisticated features that help users build functional apps without coding.

Unified cloud-based interface 

Kissflow provides a single cloud-based interface from which you can develop, test, and deploy your apps on the go.

Visual builder 

It has a visual interface that allows anyone to create real working apps with simple drag-and-drop.


You have total control over the layout of your app and its functionalities. The platform is fully-adaptable to your specific business needs. 

Cross-platform support 

Integrates with the most popular tools and platforms you already use for your business. 

Enterprise-grade security 

Kissflow helps you build the app securely. It offers a wide range of IT security features, from role-based access to data encryption. 

Easy to use 

Everyone from skilled IT professionals to citizen developers will find the Kissflow platform intuitive and easy to use.

Don’t know how to code? You can still build apps without depending on IT.