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Eliminate Employee Retention Woes by Automating your Bank’s HR

Team Kissflow

Updated on 23 Feb 2024 2 min read

What’s the first thing everyone looks for when they walk in a local bank? A smile.

As a bank, your employees are the front line for the brand every time someone opens the door or calls in with a request. Their stellar customer service best communicates and showcases your values and services. Whether it’s a teller depositing a customer’s check or a manager approving a loan, your employees need to be highly skilled and personable to interact with a number of customers in different moods and handle various day-to-day tasks.

It’s no surprise that competition is heated for great talent, and strong performers are known to be poached by customers and competitors alike. Having an effective HR team that not only hires the best people but also retains them is crucial for the smooth running of your bank.

You can make your HR team’s job easier by streamlining their processes and eliminating inefficiencies. Here are five ways using electronic forms and automating workflows will go a long way for community banking automation.

1. Hire the right people quickly

It’s likely that the candidates who impress your HR team are also interviewing with other banks. If you have to manually seek a number of approvals before hiring someone, the best candidates may have already accepted another offer. With an automated employee onboarding workflow, hiring managers can weigh in quickly and on the go using a mobile app and put offers on the table within hours.

2. Don’t let training slip through the cracks

You don’t want a situation where a new employee fumbles with a customer’s request for travelers’ checks while everyone’s on a lunch break. Set up an automated employee training workflow to ensure that all new hires are comprehensively prepared for the job.

3. Reward high performers

Suppose your bank has just introduced a new credit card aimed at those who dine out a lot, and one of your branch employees is absolutely nailing her conversion rate at signing up customers. A well-timed bonus can provide a lot of motivation, but not if it takes a few pay cycles to get in her account. A clearly-defined workflow and quick approval will encourage her to keep rocking at her job.

4. Resolve employee conflicts

Every business has conflicts to deal with. How they do it usually makes the difference between a loyal employee and one browsing for new opportunities. Using Kissflow HR Cloud, you can host a form on your internal network that allows for anonymous reporting. Or, you can control permissions so that confidentiality is preserved while a request works through the system. Acknowledging and resolving employee conflicts quickly can help ensure that problems don’t fester and impact team confidence.

5. Approve leave requests with ease

Who doesn’t hate having to wait indefinitely to know if vacation time is approved? Yet managers can easily let these requests slip through the cracks as they focus on other things. With the Kissflow HR Cloud, managers can approve leave requests as they come up and get back to what they were doing.

With the efficiency that Kissflow HR Cloud delivers, HR will have extra time to bump up efforts to recruit and retain highly qualified cross-trained and motivated employees. Your bank’s success rides on the effectiveness of your HR team, and you can bank on Kissflow HR Cloud to cut through the inefficiencies of bureaucratic red tape and increase the pace at which HR operates.

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