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Boost your Restaurant’s Rating with HR Automation

Team Kissflow

Updated on 24 Apr 2024 2 min read

Online reviews have never been more important to the success and survival of a restaurant. For instance, with a Yelp rating improvement of half-a-star, there’s a 30-49% greater chance that your restaurant will be fully booked for dinner. On the flip side, poor reviews lead to empty tables and a drop in revenue. Customer experience dominates reviews, but what impacts that experience the most?

Your employees are the face of your restaurant from the moment they walk in to the moment they pull out of the parking lot. To give the kind of experience that someone will write home about, you need high-quality staff who strongly associate with your restaurant’s culinary mission and feel empowered to do great work.

Imagine the kind of glowing reviews you could get if you started automating some of your HR workflows.

1. Hire Employees Quickly

You can’t afford to have an understaffed kitchen on the weekends. Otherwise, wait times increase and everyone is on edge. The food may go cold by the time an over-worked waiter brings it to them. On top of this, if your floor manager has to get your physical sign-off on every hire, you could be looking at weeks of poor dining experiences that will kill your business. An automated workflow greatly shortens the hiring process and ensures your customers are always attended to.

2. Train Employees Well

In the restaurant industry, there are days when managers are so busy that they don’t have time to sit down for their own meal. Most new hires go through a ‘trial by fire’, and those who survive come back the next day. An automated workflow can prevent this by making sure every new hire gets the same standard training before they start working. This prevents issues like your waiters being unable to answer questions about the menu, or letting dirty plates linger on the table for too long.

3. Resolve Grievances Quickly

With a web form hosted by Kissflow HR Cloud, your employees can confidentially report grievances to the correct manager and have the confidence that someone will follow up with them. This resolves employee conflicts quickly without letting problems fester. You can also build in a meeting with a new employee after a few months to get a fresh take on how to improve the customer experience.

4. Approve Leave Requests

The last thing your manager wants is a waiter coming up in the middle of the evening rush to ask for the next week off. Let your team initiate a leave request workflow with a mobile app or an online form, and your manager can approve them when she is looking at the calendar and not when she’s trying to find room for an impromptu party of 10.

By automating HR workflows, you will create your best chance to get better ratings – your employees. Show that you value them with simple business processes that make life easier and give them more time to focus on delivering a great dining experience. Those 5-star reviews will naturally flow in and you will stand out.

Don’t wait; start earning great reviews, and see customers lining up to eat at your restaurant. Sign up for a free demo of Kissflow HR Cloud today.