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Employee Onboarding Workflow Automation To Impress New Hires

Team Kissflow

Updated on 23 Apr 2024 3 min read

Sheryl wanted to work for SpacePloy since the day she heard of them. They were into space exploration, and had a reputation for an amazing company culture. The company had stayed small for several years as it developed its core technology, but was now in a huge growth phase.

All of her interviews had gone great, and both Sheryl and the people she met with seemed to gel. Sheryl couldn’t wait to leave her job at a large established finance company to get involved in something that really inspired her. Everyone seemed so happy and focused and believed in the work. She received an offer letter, and said she could join by the next Monday.

Sheryl’s first step into the office was over a pile of boxes. Everything was chaotic and there was a little tension in the air. She saw a familiar face from one of her interviews but he was so focused, he didn’t even return her wave. She finally was able to ask someone where Josh from HR was.

“Hell if I know!”, came the reply.

She sat down on some nearby boxes and waited for 30 minutes, scrolling through her social media feeds. Suddenly she saw Josh running past. He slowed down, his eyes wide as he noticed her. “Sheryl! Of course. When did you get here?” Josh explained that they had just changed offices and were still moving in.

The rest of the day was a lot of waiting for Sheryl. Her laptop wasn’t ready yet and the IT team was busy getting the wifi working. Josh had a lot of meetings to attend and told Sheryl to just mingle and get to know people. However, every interaction she had was terse and quick.

Then Sheryl looked back at her phone and wondered if she needed to make sure her LinkedIn profile looked good in case she needed it soon.

Why Employee Onboarding Gets Tricky

Whether it’s an exciting startup or an established multinational, every company wants to impress a new hire on Day 1. employee onboarding is a central part of showing new hires they are important to the organization.

The main problem with handling employee onboarding workflow manually is that when it’s everyone’s responsibility, it’s nobody’s. When companies are small, everyone tends to do their part to make sure the newbie feels welcome. As it grows, what used to be special now becomes a side task. And HR rarely has the time to handhold every new hire through every step manually, even if there is a clear onboarding template. Chaos is far too likely and steps get missed.

Automation to the Rescue

Creating an employee onboarding process is the first step to establishing a consistent experience. Think through all the information you might need:

  • Reporting Manager
  • Salary Package
  • Emergency Contact Info
  • Birthdate
  • Residential Information
  • Bank Details for Direct Deposits
  • Document Proofs
  • IT Assets Required
  • Access Cards Information

Automation solves the responsibility problem that exists with manual employee onboarding processes. When you automate the workflow, the process runs on its own without any need for anyone to follow it up. It also scales infinitely, unlike the option of having someone in HR take care of everything.

Onboarding best practices

Basic Employee Onboarding workflow is one thing, but you may be looking for something a little heftier. With Kissflow HR Cloud, you can take our existing App and make some aftermarket modifications.

Maybe you want to add in the Employee Orientation event to the Onboarding Process. Simply add a task (or tasks) within the workflow which you can automate using an employee onboarding software.

For example, if you need new employees to enroll in your health insurance plan as soon as possible, create a new section in the form to collect the right information and make sure your Benefits Manager is added to the workflow. This way, people like Sheryl don’t waste the first day filling out forms.

You could also create a personalized Welcome Kit for new hires. Company swag, takeout menus from local dives, and a personalized welcome card from the team can make a big impact. This can be easily added as a task to the workflow and the Kit will be ready on time!


Whether you are a startup, a non-profit, or a large corporation, employee onboarding is something you need to get right. To keep the best talent, you need to make a great first impression. What better way than with a perfectly timed workflow that gives everyone the same amazing experience!

Try Kissflow HR Cloud today for free and configure the Employee Onboarding solutions to suit your organization’s needs!

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