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How Automating HR will help your Hotel Stand Out

Team Kissflow

Updated on 24 Apr 2024 2 min read

Whether you are in a big city like London or a small backpacker town like Pushkar in India, travellers have endless options. If you manage a hotel, you face a lot of pressure to stand out in a crowded industry, and there’s no room for mistakes. One quick glance at TripAdvisor will show you that just a few bad online reviews can drop a hotel way down on the rankings.

While it may seem impossible to maintain perfect reviews, it’s clear that what matters most for tourists is excellent customer service, which usually starts with the quality of the staff they interact with. Gushing reviews about how your employees go the extra mile will make your hotel stand apart.

Getting to this level of being someone’s ‘company crush’ isn’t as hard as you might think, and automating your HR workflows is an easy place to start.

1. Get the Right Employees Quickly

Filling important roles is essential to a well-run hotel. If a manager has to seek lots of approvals before hiring someone, it may take weeks before that slot is filled. In the meantime, people are complaining about how the pool is not clean while the manager is short-staffed. Creating an automated workflow can shorten the process dramatically and get things back to work.

2. Standardize the Onboarding Experience

Hotel managers are notoriously busy and there are some times of the year where they barely have time to breath, let alone give new hires the attention they deserve. However, when your night receptionist doesn’t know how to shut off the alarm because they were never told how to, you have a big problem on your hands. An automated workflow can ensure a new joinee gets the same experience every time and nothing slips through the cracks.

3. Address Feedback Quickly

Employees need a clear and confidential way for an employee to report grievances to the correct manager and the confidence to believe someone will actually follow up with it. A standard workflow helps resolve employee conflicts quickly without letting problems fester. You can also build in a meeting with a new employee after a few months to get their fresh take on how to improve the customer experience.

4. Make it Easy for Employees to Plug the Gaps

Let’s say your soap supplier missed a shipment, and the supervising manager is home sick. If the hotel’s bathrooms are not stocked, you’re going to have unhappy customers. “They don’t even have soap!” could be the review that topples your high ranking. With a simple automated workflow, any employee can make a request for essential additional supplies and your customers won’t miss a beat.

Automating HR workflows will not only create a more standard and efficient system for your employees and guests, it also frees up time to dream of other ways to better delight your customers and stand out in the rankings.

So, don’t wait anymore. Reclaim your time and the top spot on your listing. Sign up for a free demo of Kissflow HR Cloud and we’ll have you convinced!