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Digital Workplace

A Celebration of Work, Technology and The People Driving It. Digital Workplace Day.


The workplace as an entity was already a dated concept by the time we entered 2020. Fast forward to the end of 2020, and every workplace on the planet is scrambling to find their footing in the new normal. What gives?

The evolution of the workplace has been underway for more than a decade now. With the advent of technology, the workplace has been democratized in ways never seen before. What once used to take forever can now be done over a few emails and video calls. Employees across continents can be contacted at a moment’s notice and gigabytes of data criss-crosses the globe simply between colleagues sharing the day’s work. How much further could we go from here?

As it turns out, a lot farther than that.

The advent of the digital workplace

Collaboration forms the basis of almost all kinds of work. Imagine you need to get something done at work. It’s hard to think of something that you could accomplish all by yourself without needing help from anybody else. That tells us how important collaboration is when it comes to the bigger picture of workplaces.

While collaboration was at its most efficient in the traditional office, the globalization of work soon made effective collaboration tricky. With offices and employees spread across the world, businesses realized the urgent need for tools of work collaboration that would allow seamless cooperation when it came to work.

Plenty of problems were solved by a variety of companies creating tools of collaboration. However, businesses soon realized that without a single unified work platform, productivity nosedived as most employees spent huge amounts of time switching between applications and tools to get work done.

Enter the digital workplace.

What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace is a platform built on the idea that all the applications and tools employees require to accomplish work should be available on a single platform. It is a cloud-based workplace platform where employees can engage, co-ordinate, collaborate and carry out work with maximum productivity and efficiency.

As you may well realize, a digital workplace would solve a lot of the current problems facing businesses worldwide. It would assure remote work productivity, reduce dependability on expensive office infrastructure, allow businesses the flexibility to let employees work from anywhere while still delivering enviable success.

However, a digital workplace isn’t just the platform. The people that drive it are also a fundamental part of the digital workplace ecosystem. Here’s where digital transformations come in. The success of any digital workplace platform depends on the people working with it. That is why any migration to a digital workplace always needs to begin with a cultural change driven by digital transformation shepherds.

“The world is going through a sea change and the workplace as we know it might never be the same again. In such a climate of uncertainty, technology brings hope. As a startlingly creative solution that brings agile workplaces to their most exalted expression, the digital workplace is the key to the future of work. Businesses need no longer be shackled by the limitations of traditional offices and legacy technology. And, that is a cause worth celebrating.”

What can a digital workplace do for your business?

Although it is a nascent and developing area, digital workplace platforms have already been doing wonders for companies that have migrated to working with them. Among the best examples of their execution, digital work platforms have sprung up employee productivity and happiness levels by vast margins.

A digital work platform will resolve all the current challenges of remote work and result in faster turnarounds and closer collaboration than ever before. What’s more, the sheer adaptability and survivability of digital workplace platforms in an uncertain world gives you enough firepower to keep work chugging along even in the face of catastrophes.

The best advantage of them all is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all your work is in the cloud and that this gives you choices on a range that you may never have experienced before. Work becomes a cause and it ceases to be a burden as all your employees step up to fulfil their responsibilities to their fullest potential. A digital workplace takes the power of agile and acts as a force multiplier. It turns your workplace into a living breathing entity that delivers work seamlessly.

Why celebrate the digital workplace day?

The workplace as we know it has gone through many changes over the last couple of decades. The rise of the digital workplace is a natural consequence of us having mastered the technologies and culture required to take us into the future of work. Change is almost always uncertain, but the switch to a digital workplace is as inevitable as email, mobile telephony or instant messaging. It has arrived and is happening as we speak.

Companies around the world that took advantage of emerging technologies over the last two decades rose far above the competition. They changed paradigms and led the world in setting an example as to how embracing new technologies and trends leads to phenomenal growth and success. Today, we stand at a precipice and the great leap that lies ahead for businesses worldwide is the migration to a digital workplace.

The Digital Workplace Day on the 6th of October is meant to be a celebration of everything the digital workplace represents. The technology, the culture, the people behind it and the success the world stands to gain from it. Today, as we stare at a fast changing world, the idea of the digital workplace represents our collective ability to rise above all odds as we build our future with technology, ingenuity, innovation and will.

The Digital Workplace Day Tweetathon, 2020

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Here’s a list of the topics being discussed at The Digital Workplace Tweetathon, 2020.

Happy Digital Workplace Day

6 Oct, 2020

Next year on Nov 1, 2021