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How Enterprise Collaboration Software (ECS) Builds Company Culture

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Building company culture is essential to the long-term survival of any business. Without good company culture, you will run into a lot of problems in the workplace. If you don’t define and reinforce values, workers may mistreat one another. If you don’t communicate your mission and goals, employees may work aimlessly and fail to further the business.

You can avoid these headaches by building your company culture. And an excellent tool for the job is enterprise collaboration software. The purpose of enterprise collaboration software is to empower workers to communicate where they work. It connects employees in a digital workplace so they can easily collaborate on work.

Not only can enterprise collaboration software connect workers and boost productivity, but it can also be the tool that builds company culture.

Essential features of Enterprise Collaboration Software

Kissflow’s enterprise collaboration software offers many features that build company culture. Here are a few:

1. Announcements

Announcements show up in everyone’s activity feed, which empowers you to communicate with the entire workforce at once. This is the perfect tool to showcase and demonstrate company culture. You can introduce new employees, post company news, or share an encouraging post.

2. Content creation

With Kissflow, workers can create posts with emojis, GIFs, and more. This allows employees to convey more emotion and have a little fun in their virtual workplace.

3. Shared documents

Compile your core documents into one location where they are easily and instantly accessible to all employees. These documents can include your company’s mission, values, work processes, structure, and walk-throughs of your products and services. Having a single source of clear information will unify your workforce’s values and goals.

4. Surveys

Poll your workforce on their opinions to better understand your employees. In turn, you can implement the changes your workers are looking for. This also empowers employees to voice their thoughts, which encourages participation, and gives you useful feedback while making employees feel appreciated.

5. Secret channels

In Kissflow, you can create secret channels and restrict access to specific users. This allows workers to have more sensitive conversations. Give your employees comfort by offering them the option to talk privately and more freely in a secret channel.

How do Enterprise Collaboration Software improve communication?

Collaboration software provides a central hub for your workers to communicate, which makes building company culture simple. Instead of using multiple tools to communicate–emailing, texting, apps–all employees use a single hub for communication. Now you have one place where you post announcements, share documents, and chat.

With enterprise collaboration software, you can make an announcement that every worker will see in their activity feed. This tool allows you to easily build company culture. For example, if you want to forge a culture of on-going learning, you can regularly post articles. Or if you want to create a more laid back environment, you can create humorous posts.

In your digital workplace, you can store key documents that explain your company’s values and mission. All employees will have access to these documents, which makes it easy to unify your workforce. New hires can study these documents and watch the activity feed to quickly learn your company’s culture.

Think of enterprise collaboration software as a home base that houses your company culture. If you create your ideal work atmosphere on your digital workplace, you’ve created it for your entire workforce.

Enterprise collaboration software facilitates community

One key to building company culture is frequently connecting. With enterprise collaboration software employees can connect more often. Workers can access the software at any time, on different devices, and almost anywhere. The more they engage with one another, the more they absorb your company’s culture.

With a software platform, workers have more tools and opportunities to interact with one another. They see each other’s updates, laugh at their posts, share articles, and congratulate one another on progress. Enterprise collaboration software almost feels like social media for employees.

That means they’ll see each other beyond hallway greetings or the quarterly meeting. Enterprise collaboration software connects people who would otherwise never, or rarely, talk with each other. How often do workers talk with remote workers or employees from other departments? With a collaboration platform, they can communicate every day.

Enterprise collaboration software gives workers more exposure to company culture, which means employees experience a faster and deeper integration.

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