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Digital Transformation Case Studies to Inspire Every Business

Team Kissflow

Updated on 18 Mar 2024 3 min read

The biggest challenges of internal operations

Poor communication

Messages and important announcements get lost in long email threads, withholding the progress of employee and/or customer requests.

Human error


Skill gap

Poor training and lack of access to digital solutions hinder the employees’ productivity during a digital transformation initiative.


Specialized assignments minimize opportunities for collaboration and communication across departments.

Empowering businesses with digital work platform


Kissflow has aided many businesses to optimize how they plan and keep track of projects and events, and maintain communication for better performance.


Workflows and systems are also susceptible to stagnation. Olympus needed a modern, intuitive, and automated platform to enhance processes and hasten the delivery of tasks. 

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Efficiency was a top priority for the Hanoi-based Vietnamobile. It envisioned adopting a digital workplace management platform for easy tracking and reliable internal communication.

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Quality Companies LLC

Logistics company Quality Companies gathered countless documents via email daily. It needed a clear documentation trail to stay on top of requests and processing dates.

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Davenport University

Universities are no strangers to budget cuts and complex procedures to manage requests. Davenport University sought an innovative solution to save time on processing student forms and other documents.

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Leading businesses have leveraged Kissflow to streamline the handling and management of approval requests to avoid delays in their workflows.

GreenCube Global

Speed and precision are vital to handling finance documents. GreenCube Global required a payment approval solution to monitor requests exchanged between managers and the finance department.

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Control is necessary for volatile scenarios such as managing write-off processes. Wisconsin’s biggest automotive dealer Bergstrom sought a more streamlined workflow in its accounting department.

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Data management in the healthcare industry is a big responsibility for Verisys. Moderators and aggregators needed well-coordinated workflows for swift approval processes.

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Startups need compelling systems to succeed among big players in the market. Tripwolf, a startup travel agency, sought to automate employee leave requests for easy approval and adjustment of workload.

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Kissflow has helped many organizations reimagine manual processes with automation for better execution of business operations and communication in the workplace.

Landmark Properties

Automated workflows nurture transparency and collaboration. Real estate firm Landmark Properties empowered its marketing and other teams, with a central workplace platform to enhance efficiency.

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Manually going through documents from over 20 programs overwhelmed the staff of Project SYNCERE. The non-profit organization embraced the power of automation and improved internal operations.

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For developers such as Beqom, requests go through multiple pipelines across the world to receive approval. Automated workflows helped them simplify processes and keep track of pending requests.

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Lincoln Financial Media

The media industry is heavily engaging in digital efforts to maximize its campaigns. Lincoln Financial Media left traditional paper forms and archives for a fully digital and collaborative platform.

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Embrace digital transformation with Kissflow<

All-in-one digital transformation solution

From workflow management and process automation to application development, Kissflow offers comprehensive tools to bolster your digital journey on a single interface.

Empower and engage business users

Business users bring solutions to life with locally-made business-critical applications, boosting confidence and satisfaction at work.

Real-time reporting and performance analytics

Keep track of performance, documentation, and audit trails with clear and concise reports. Get insights from multiple apps to build powerful and accurate reports

Scale revenue growth

Digital transformation platforms like Kissflow cut back operational costs by 10% and boost revenue growth to up to 15%.

Customer testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it—hear the success stories directly from our customers.


“With Kissflow, I got used to developing processes very fast and the support given was very helpful.” 

- Griselda Juve, Purchaser


“Kissflow has the most important workflow features. It does exactly what it should.” 

- Wilfried Schaffner, CEO

Lincoln Financial Media

“Kissflow does exactly what we hoped it would. We are very happy with the product and support is quick to respond.”

- Matt & Remy, Lincoln Financial

Wayne Metropolitan

“We were able to completely customize and change forms at any point without needing to contact an IT desk or have a background in programming.” 

- Yvonne Herman, Chief Human Resource Officer


“This is so easy, even my mom could do this.' It was extremely intuitive and straightforward. The watermark was, 'I don't need to call IT to do this. I can do it myself. “

- Renee Villarreal, Senior IT Manager

Arvada Fire

“PO approvals are so much easier. We've gone from two days to a few hours. It's fantastic!” 

– Chris, Arvada Fire

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