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Application Development Examples That Have Taken Businesses to the Next Level

Team Kissflow

Updated on 30 May 2024 4 min read

Across industries, the emergence of new applications is changing the business landscape and information technology. More organizations are adapting to the app revolution, with IT professionals equipping themselves with the latest app development trends. Business leaders are also preparing for the new skills and job shifts this will bring.

Businesses rely on the Internet like never, which presents a major growth opportunity. App development can significantly enhance business operations, boosting productivity, team collaboration, data management, and customer satisfaction. Users are also attracted to the speed and efficiency of quality app services. Apps are also becoming increasingly popular with users, enabling consumers to get quality services quickly.

With the digital landscape evolving at lightning speed and development standards constantly changing, innovative companies can maximize opportunities and stay ahead of the curve by investing in emerging technologies, streamlining processes, and keeping abreast of the latest trends.

Statistics on the growth of enterprise apps

Enterprise applications are nothing new. Businesses have been employing them for decades in one form or another. However, their use has become increasingly widespread over the past few years, as these statistics show:

  • In 2023, enterprise application market revenue may reach US$271.80bn, with most application development revenue generated in the United States. 
  • By 2027, the global enterprise application market volume will reach US$403.9 Billion
  • By 2030, the global enterprise application market size will be $527.40 billion. Increased adoption of a customer-centric approach and cloud applications will power this growth.

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Application development examples developed with Kissflow

Kissflow is a powerful platform that streamlines and optimizes workflows, making it easier and faster to get things done. 

HR Case Management Apps

Kissflow’s automated system simplifies HR processes such as onboarding, payroll issues, disputes, and policy updates. You’ll have accurate documentation, increased collaboration, and transparency all in one place.

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Patient Lifecycle Management Apps

Kissflow improves patient lifecycle management by simplifying processes such as registering patient information, managing prescriptions, and tracking diagnoses. You’ll keep patients informed, store patient data securely, and escalate chronic cases quickly and seamlessly.

Issue Tracking and Management Apps

Kissflow's agile and flexible issue-tracking workflow includes an intelligent visualization dashboard and a powerful form builder to capture sophisticated data on every issue. Custom workflows and reporting make assigning tickets and following up effectively easy.

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Choosing Your App Development Stack: A 11-Point Checklist

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Thank you for reaching us!

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What does successful app development mean to business 

Increased business visibility 

Apps strengthen your online presence and, ultimately, your visibility. Custom, user-friendly apps personalize the user experience helping you connect with employees and customers and increasing engagement levels. Apps provide exceptional service on a convenient interface and great features compatible with different devices and operating systems.

A unique and well-designed app experience builds your online presence and separates you from competitors.

Improved productivity and efficiency

Robust applications increase accuracy, quickening processes and eliminating human error. Automating work with apps centralizes data, allowing companies to access information easily and run reports to make informed business decisions. Apps also offer flexible schedules, so employees can complete tasks on the go and do more in less time.

They can monitor business processes in real-time and from anywhere. Apps also shift employee focus from manual tasks to higher-order tasks, increasing productivity. 

Enhanced data security

Web applications provide access to company data stored on remote servers, threatening organizational security. Legacy systems and processes are unreliable, prone to failure, and susceptible to cyber threats. But custom apps are secure enough to protect user data and ensure privacy.

They're designed with security features, including secure authentication, data encryption, and user authorization, to minimize vulnerability to security threats and drive off hackers. ​

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Unlimited business opportunities

Organizations can use app development to increase creativity and provide personalized attention to target audiences, delivering the right solutions. Custom apps allow businesses to collect information on user activity, then leverage the information to nurture relationships, maximizing business opportunities and increasing brand value.

Identifying new business opportunities and innovating apps for contemporary platforms and dynamic business environments will help businesses readjust strategies and adapt to changing markets.

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Save time and cost

Even when you have a monopoly over a product or service, your business still needs to continuously attract new clients and retain existing ones. Apps automate processes that decrease manual, repetitive processes, reduce operational costs, and save time.

Custom apps also store data online, increasing access to information and preventing employees from losing time searching for it. 

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Improve customer satisfaction

Custom business apps can help you improve customer satisfaction by providing continuous contact to resolve issues and meet customer needs efficiently. As a service provider or product seller, integrated app solutions with omnichannel support platform will help your customers access services conveniently.

You can tailor apps to specific customer needs and provide rewards that add value to customers and promote your brand. Apps also increase business agility and responsiveness to evolving customer needs.

Don’t know how to code? You can still build apps without depending on IT.

The emergence of low-code/no-code platforms in building applications

In today's rapidly changing digital economy, businesses that fail to innovate risk being left behind. Fortunately, app development platform has revolutionized how businesses operate and interact with customers. From advanced reporting and data analytics to simplified payment processing, apps offer a wide range of capabilities to enhance efficiency and bolster success.

However, market growth has been stunted by security and privacy concerns and the high cost of implementing and maintaining enterprise application solutions. Despite these challenges, the demand for advanced quickly created, and deployed digital solutions is skyrocketing.

Enter low-code application platform, which offer a user-friendly graphical interface that enables users to quickly create applications using drag-and-drop features and visual workflow editors. Their cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and ability to speed up development processes have made it simpler than ever for businesses to innovate and create robust applications.

Many low-code platforms run on the cloud, allowing businesses to make rapid, long-term changes and opening up new opportunities. Their pre-built templates are easy to configure, enabling users to quickly create sophisticated applications with minimal coding knowledge and effort.

By using low-code platforms, businesses can significantly reduce operating costs, increase agility, and achieve the scalability that modern businesses require. All this by creating applications with minimal effort, freeing up valuable resources to allocate elsewhere.

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