Understanding SMB Workflows

Workflow management. Boosted productivity across multiple locations. Businesses losing over $1 trillion in process gaps and lapses in workplace productivity.

How do workflow
management and BPM tools
help increase efficiency?

Extremely. Let’s break it down.
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What Workflows Are (Hint: They’re Everywhere!)

A workflow is a series of tasks through which a particular set of data goes from idea to execution. You have workflows all around you. Anytime data is passed from one person to another in a systematic way, it’s a workflow.

Common workflows are applying for paid-time off, making a purchase request, or filling out a sales order.

Some Common Workflows in
the SMB Space

Workflows are a great way to ensure efficiency in predictable, everyday business
processes. Here are a few processes you probably handle every day at your organization.
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1. Managing Time Off

Leave management with a workforce of around 50 or over is bound to be tricky. Multiple bosses need to sign off on the request approval. When handled over email and spreadsheets, this leads to a convoluted mess of lost messages and updating nightmares!

Using a structured workflow tool like Kissflow’s workflow platform can help you track and validate these variables and deal with requests automatically. You’ll reduce the time spent on time-off management, have fewer errors, more transparency, and the whole operation will cost less too.


2. Handling Purchase Orders

Take the case of SAPIN, a can-manufacturing operation in the Middle East. When their workforce reached 200+, they had so many team members on the road, on sales calls, and meetings. So, keeping track of purchase orders was a huge ordeal. Several POs at different stages, stuck in various department members’ desks is no way to run an efficient business.

SAPIN turned to Kissflow’s platform and created a simple app for purchase order workflow automation. The result? They shortened the order processing time by a whopping 75%!

Workflows for the Common Man