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Leave management made simple

Create, approve, reject, and manage employee leaves with ease

Instant overview

Record, monitor, and manage every leave request in real-time using automated validations, balance updates, and one-click visual reports

Easy policy compliance

Create leave policies, edit data fields on the digital form, and customize the time-off process to meet your unique business needs

Streamlined approvals

Apply, approve, reject, and manage leave requests from any place, any time, from any device using automated approval workflows

Hassle-free leave

Fast-track approvals, improve transparency, and
eliminate payroll errors
Approval tracking

Track the progress of your time-off requests and cancellations instantly from anywhere on any device

Custom leave policies

Create a unique work schedule for your business with custom working days, holidays, and leave policies

Payroll integration

Integrate with existing payroll systems and other software solutions to import/export data

Interactive reports

Create easily interpretable reports that unlock actionable insights and highlight employee leave trends

Real-time calculations

Our powerful enterprise-grade calculation feature provides an error-free count of accruals and leave balance

Leave cancellation

Allow employees to withdraw and cancel leave requests without worrying about inaccurate leave balances

Ellipse 20

Make Your Leave Approvals Smart and Simple