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Paperless time and attendance tracking

Retrieve insights to spot employee working trends and optimize productivity

Customize your time logs
Configure unique time schedules, workweek, week offs, and holidays list depending on your unique business and process requirements
Empower your employees
Manage timesheet entries by offering employees a self-service option to update their working hours, time-off information, and more
Biometric and payroll integration
Integrate with biometric devices and payroll software to auto-capture employee time stamps and reduce the chance for payroll errors

Beyond timesheets and
punch cards

Create a seamless and transparent system to monitor and
track attendance
Quick approvals

Keep stakeholders informed with automated alerts and help them approve timesheets on time

Insightful reports

Spot employee work trends at a glance with a data-driven dashboard and visual-rich reports

Payroll integration

Connect to your payroll system with the utmost security and flexibility without manual effort

Employee self-service

Allow users to view, manage, and submit timesheets from anywhere at any time on any device

Dynamic rule engine

Automate complex pay rules to ensure accurate time log capture and enforce policy compliance

Paperless time tracking

Prevent time theft with rule-based workflows, complete audit trails, and conditional access

Make Your Timesheet Approvals Smart and Simple