Automate everyone’s request management with Kissflow

Streamline requests
Create an unlimited number of apps for different departments and their requests. Raise, track, and manage requests.
One platform for all Requests
Have the same request portal for employees, customers, and external users. By keeping all requests in one place.
Increase productivity
Enhance the productivity of the entire organization with faster request processing.
Empower business users
Employees don’t need to chase IT for implementing their own request management systems. They understand their needs clearly and develop solutions with no help.
Transparency and security
Strike the perfect balance with role-based access control. You can create datasets to define the authority of different users in the organization.
Comply with policies
Automation runs on rules. It ensures that your processes comply, have audit trails for internal & external policies.

Powerful features to simplify your
request management

Request apps/portals

Build request apps for any type of request and customize it to your needs

No-code development

Create apps for any level of complexity without coding knowledge

Dynamic forms

Choose from 20+ form fields and customize them to your needs

Dynamic workflows

Route your requests according to predefined conditions in your SOP

Custom datasets

Build custom datasets to create a database and lookup data from any request app

Live reports

Monitor requests according to their statuses and generate custom reports

All departments.
One request management software.

All departments in your organization need a request management system for unique purposes.


▸ Software/hardware requests
▸ Service requests
▸ Network access requests


▸ CapEx approvals
▸ Travel reimbursements
▸ Petty cash management
▸ Asset management


▸ Applicant tracking
▸ Leave requests
▸ Employee onboarding
▸ Candidate evaluation
▸ Performance management
▸ Employee offboarding


▸ Purchase requests 
▸ Order management 
▸ Invoice processing 
▸ Vendor onboarding 
▸ Spend analytics 

Manage every request in one request management software

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