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Process Simulation

Perfect Your Process
Before It Goes Live

Develop, test, and deploy in real-time. 
Simulate all your processes in a single

What is Process Simulation?

Use a controlled environment to see how a process will behave when it is live. Check multiple “What-if” scenarios and see the process from various viewpoints before it is released.

Get your business processes
moving in the right direction

What can you do with process simulation?

Identify Issues
Identify Issues

Check UX
Check every user experience

Performance Gaps
Identify performance gaps

Quick Changes
Make quick changes

Test Conditions
Test multiple conditions

Go Live
Go live faster

See process simulation in action

Make changes
Go live

Embrace Process Simulation With Kissflow

Process Validation

Evaluate your business processes from the design through completion. Ensure that processes continue to operate as intended, even when variables change.

Process Validation-1
Effort Analysis

Estimate the effort and duration of each task to measure end-to-end processing time. Determine the number of tasks that can be fit into the specific process.

Resource Evaluation
Resource Evaluation

Calculate the fixed and variable costs involved to complete the processes. Assess the potential resource bottlenecks that need immediate action.

Role Impersonation
Role Impersonation

Simulate business processes from multiple end-user perspectives. Compare the results of different instances of the same process and analyze their efficacy.

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