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Process Mapping

Design, manage and collaborate on all your processes with one tool
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Visualize even the most complex process maps with less effort

  • ✔ A drag-and-drop interface helps you design anything you need
  • ✔ Choose from pre-built templates and easily map out all the details

Map processes as a team

  • ✔ Work together in real-time to get instant feedback
  • ✔ Share, edit, and view your process maps from anywhere

All of your process data in one place

  • ✔ Say goodbye to managing multiple presentations,spreadsheets, and documents
  • ✔ Use a central location to store everything

Process maps come in all
shapes and sizes

Process landscape

Quickly see all processes and their interdependencies

Flow charts

Professionally designed flowchart templates with many options


Clarify complex processes with swimlane diagrams

Fast track your process mapping journey

The right map can take you to where
you need to go