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Digitize Your Marketing Efforts From Start to End

Meticulously track, manage, and align marketing requests, content, and campaign priorities with the simplest marketing workflow management software

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Powerful capabilities for cohesive marketing operations

Kissflow helps you build your own workflow software for marketing that looks and acts just the way you want.

Build marketing processes at lightning speed

Streamline simple to complex workflows with AI-suggested fields and expedite your marketing processes with an intuitive interface
Workflow Automation Software for Marketing

360-degree insights into marketing processes

Achieve all-round clarity, monitor progress, and identify bottlenecks with a holistic view of your marketing operations
Marketing Workflow Management

Unified dashboard for complete marketing oversight

Manage campaigns, track performance, and collaborate across teams to ensure a cohesive and synchronized marketing operation
Marketing Workflow Track

Make analytics-driven marketing decisions

Deep dive into the performance metrics of each process and refine your overall marketing strategy for maximum impact
Marketing Progress Management

Explore ready-made templates for
marketing brilliance

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Marketing Budgeting

Get complete visibility of your budgeting strategies, knowing where, when, and what to spend

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Lead Generation

Engage with the right audience, improve conversions, and reduce customer acquisition costs

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Event Planning

Organize great trade show engagements, drive crucial conversations, and boost event ROI

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SEM Management

Create and place ads strategically to target prospects and convert them into customers

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Campaign Management

Generate great campaign ideas from initiation to measurement and drive consistent results

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Creative Work Request

Automate and manage marketing creative requests to help your team drive final deliverables

Brands do remarkable things with Kissflow

Landmark Properties, a fully integrated real estate firm based in Athens, Georgia, was manually managing ​​all their creative and marketing requests.

Challenges faced before Kissflow

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    Difficulty in handling multiple creative requests using spreadsheets

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    Inability to manage and track the status of their requests

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    Poor quality of marketing deliverables due to an overwhelmed team

Marketing Team faced challenges before Kissflow

Changes embraced after Kissflow

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    Streamlined marketing requests and centralized communication within the platform

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    Improved process cycle with teams completing tasks within the SLAs

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    Automated approvals with a single console to manage and track requests

Marketing Team Process Changes embraced after Kissflow

Frequently Asked Questions

Kissflow is an intuitive and customizable low-code platform that helps you to automate your marketing processes and ensures a smooth flow of tasks from ideation to execution. With Kissflow, you can eliminate bottlenecks, reduce manual efforts, and improve your marketing processes.
With dynamic task assignments, automated notifications, and centralized communication, Kissflow ensures that your marketing campaigns are executed with flexibility, speed, and adaptability to changing requirements.
Yes, Kissflow is designed to integrate seamlessly with various marketing tools. From CRM systems to email marketing platforms and analytics tools, Kissflow offers integrations that allow you to synchronize data and workflows across your existing marketing technology stack.
Kissflow acts as a centralized platform for communication, file sharing, and task management. With real-time updates, instant notifications, and collaborative features, Kissflow breaks down silos, fosters open communication, and ensures that all team members are on the same page.
Kissflow offers customizable reports, visual dashboards, and data export options for your marketing workflows. You can track key performance metrics, monitor progress, and analyze the efficiency of your processes to optimize your marketing strategies continuously.

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