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Move your workflow management to the cloud

Take complete control over your workflows, save time, and reduce errors

Get more done
with pre-built processes

With cloud workflow software, businesses can turn all their paper-based workflows into dynamic, automated processes. Users can either create a process from scratch or use pre-built workflows.
  • New hire request
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Travel reimbursements
  • Marketing blog request

Customize forms effortlessly

Create fluid forms that fit around your processes like a glove. Patch up process bottlenecks and human dependency with rule-based, conditional workflows.
  • 14+ customizable field types
  • Conditional accessibility
  • Transparent audit trails

Gain actionable insights

Stop skimming through endless threads of emails and ever-growing array of spreadsheets to find the status of a task.
  • Spot process bottlenecks
  • Identify process trends
  • Speed up decision making

Plays well with other software

Connect Kissflow instantly with other essential third-party tools using seamless API integration.
  • G Suite
  • Office 365
  • Dropbox

More quotes from some of our favourite customers

“The beauty of Kissflow is how quick and easy it is to create the apps I need. It is so user-friendly that I made exactly what I needed in 30 minutes.”

Oliver Umehara,
SoftBank Telecom

“Kissflow improved our global incentives program by reducing time and eliminating errors. Our international nominees are thankful for the quick process!!”

Brian Trier,

“As an organisation, the word Kissflow is now synonymous with quality and staff of all levels have embraced the platform and all speak highly of it.”

Craig Buck,
Warwickshire College Group

Workflow management has never been this easy

Trusted by 10,000+ organizations around the world