The Problem of Using Multiple Platforms

Cases are typically unstructured and require a great deal of flexibility. An advanced case management tool provides a visual board through which case participants can work together to resolve items throughout the stages of case management.

The Kissflow Advantange

The Kissflow Advantange

A single platform for all workflows and use cases

Use one simple solution for multiple use cases. Kissflow is a powerful, feature-packed platform that serves as a single source for all your investigative case flows.

Integrations with external software and APIs

Leverage the advantage of custom connectors and powerful APIs with Kissflow. You get an extensive range of integrations and can create intuitive workflows a lot more easily.

A highly customizable, modern solution

Do away with pre-built solutions that require you to fit your operations to the solution. Kissflow allows you to create highly specific apps to meet your unique needs without delay.

Better decision making and predictive analytics

Generate custom reports from multiple data sources. Robust reports generated with Kissflow contain all the information you need for smarter decision-making.

Identifying patterns and making improvements

Gain a complete view of all your cases and visualize data through intuitively designed dashboards that help you identify patterns, anticipate needs.

Use cases

In different organizations across various industries, case management is used to reduce challenges and solve complexities. Some of the common use cases of advanced case management for organizations include:

Bug tracking

Instantly check to see the status of every error and prioritize resolution

IT service desk

Respond to customer IT issues and inquiries from a unified dashboard.

Incident management

Handle incident reporting, manage incident-related data and resolve them from a centralized hub.

Customer complaints

Instantly check to see the status of every error and prioritize resolution.

Claim processing

Validate, process and settle customer claims faster for improved customer satisfaction.


Flexibility and speed in the process of validating and approving reimbursements.

Flexible order

Coordinate tasks and automate the order management process for your retail business.

An all in one case management solution


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