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Model Processes, Boost Productivity

The best way to model your business processes is to do it visually. Represent each process easily with drag-and-drop features. Analyze, improve, and automate away!

Why You Need Business Process Modeling Software

The benefits of process modeling software with Kissflow

Get your processes onto Kissflow and you’ll see a ton of changes. From boosted control to better efficiency in your business, BPM has a whole lot to offer.

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Improved Efficiency

Streamline processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and optimize your processes.


Make sure the process runs the same way, every time, no matter who is involved.

Process Agility

Change processes quickly; easily adapt to business challenges and opportunities.

Competitive Edge

Beat competitors who haven’t taken advantage of business process modeling.

Process Communication

Modeling offers a unified language for communicating about the processes.

Traditional process modeling is broken…

When implementing Business Process Modeling Tools, business stakeholders want perfect apps instantly. IT sees BPM as yet another tedious layer of integration. Kissflow gives BPM app-creating abilities to non-coder business users, marrying business knowledge with tech capability.


Save Time and Money

BPM drives cost and time efficiency.

It trims the fat in business operations and collaboration, cutting repetitive tasks and improving overall productivity.


Be Compliance-Ready

Legislature and rules notoriously change when you least expect them to.

Weave compliance abilities into your business, by integrating department-specific apps with the organization as a whole.


Happy Staff = Motivated Staff

Transparent collaboration and documented processes keep teams motivated.

Team members can check process statuses whenever they want, and get notifications of completed tasks, keeping them motivated, and creating true job satisfaction.


“Kissflow improved our Global Incentives process and reduced the time and errors we encountered in our previous method.”

Greg Chappel

Vice President

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