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BPM BUZZ – From BPM for Schools to Change Management

Team Kissflow

Updated on 24 Mar 2024 2 min read

Let me begin this week’s BPM BUZZ with some humor.

That is how the management consultants present their strategy when it comes to business process reengineering feels Michael Burgstahler. I was in awe, but do all the consultants walk that way? O-o

Moving onto grass organizations buying the right mower, this article on “Purchasing Process Steps in Business Management” briefs on buying the right software for your business needs and the processes involved in it. Thanks to Excel4Marketing for tweeting about it.

We all have been through school, graduated, got job and moved on, we upgraded ourselves. But what about the school, what’s the most needed upgrade it needs?
Business Process Management is what school needs. This article “Why every school needs better business process management – and how to get it” explains why schools need BPM.

What is the missing link between blockchain, machine learning, cognitive, analytics and process and decisions.? Here ‘s the “Business Process and Decision Management are Fundamental, Foundational” answer from Scott.

Moving a bit away from processes for business to processes for creativity. Here’s a “A four-step process for overcoming resistance to creativity”. Understanding that even BPM takes creativity to accomplish what we’re working towards is the key to engage further into the concept.

There’re a lot of methods by which a business succeeds but one prominent one which lot of businesses use is AGILE. Here’s an article on “Agile Process Management: An Approach for Business Success” which neatly explains how Agile impacts businesses.

A thought to ponder upon – “Value management is the process by which the firm actively plans,manages, & reinforces the economic contribution of the business.”

“The vast majority (88%) of IT project failures occur because of people or process mistakes.” I do wonder what happened to the rest 12% of projects which succeeded.

What is the connection between process transformation in art and process transformation in business. This article “Why the Process of Transformation Doesn’t Only Matter in Artistic Performances, but in Business Management as Well” connects the dots for us.

Change is only factor that is constant in any business environment, but what about improvement? This article “Continuous improvement team: How to upskill for business transformation” spills the bean about the challenges faced and the solution to change.

Continuing the talk on change within businesses, is it a must for businesses to have change management? This article “How to Eliminate Change Management for Business Process Improvement”, puts the right perspective to that question.

So, Apple acquired Workflow, but what has this got to do with us, read “How Does Apple’s Acquisition of Workflow Change the Market Perception/Value of Workflow/BPM?” to find out what most of us in the BPM space are talking about it.

Now, for the conclusion, there’s always some confusion when it comes to the term BPM, but What “Are the Most Misunderstood Terms in BPM?”. We voted for the term BPM in itself followed by the word Process. What do you think are the most misunderstood terms in the world of BPM.