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For people, who want to do more

Trello is a great task management tool for individuals and small teams. However, It fails to meet the needs of teams that need to plan, track, and deliver complex projects. That’s where Kissflow Project can help.


Here’s how we stack up against Trello

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Free Plan
Task states
Multiple views
Form customization
No Advanced
Experience simple, intuitive project management.

See what makes Kissflow Project a better alternative

form-builder Custom Form Builder
Get more control with a drag-and-drop form builder to meet your team’s unique requirements
task-states Task States
Accurately reflect the number of work-in-progress items by using the in-progress, hold, and done states
activity-stream Activity Stream
Know what’s getting done and track changes for improved accountability with real-time feeds
Reports-2 Reporting
Get powerful reports like burndown charts, velocity, and lead time to make informed decisions

Manage your work and communication in a unified tool

Kissflow Project uniquely ties together project management and collaboration so every piece of communication is contextual. You can share comments, provide feedback on specific tasks, and chat with team members, all inside Kissflow.

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