A Zero-Code Platform Means Infinite Possibilities

Zero-code development platforms let anyone create automated business apps without any need for coding knowledge.

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Why Use a Zero-Code Platform to Build Apps?

A zero-code platform enables your business leaders to create apps on their own, without needing to wait on IT for each and every implementation. Zero-code solutions remove a crucial bottleneck and reduce dependency on IT for essential apps. Apps are automated, fully functional, and completely editable.
Quick Development

Zero-code development platforms turn months to days

Easy-to-Use Interface

With zero-code solutions, everything drag-and-drop away

Work on the Cloud

Say goodbye to updates, lost data, and maintenance

Pay for What You Use

No expensive bundles and huge license fees

No Coding, At All

Create powerful apps without touching a line of code


Build your app once, then run it any time, anywhere


How Zero-Code Platforms Work

To build a zero-code platform app, all you need is the idea. With handy drag-and-drop interfaces, just add the elements you need, and publish. No debugging or testing required.

Zero-code gives you the freedom to create any app. If you have the idea, you can make it.


Stop Coding, Start Visualizing

Visual tools mean that you can create the app just as you conceptualize it in your head. Whether you want comprehensive forms, streamlined workflows, or granular permissions, everything is modularized. 

You can work with pre-built templates, or start from scratch to make the business process app you’ve always dreamed of without touching a line of code. 


Build Once, Deploy Everywhere

With zero-code application development platforms, you only need to build your app once. Once that’s done, you can easily deploy it on any platform, from office desktops to laptops and a wide range of mobile devices.

These web-based zero-code apps are instantly accessible on the cloud and can be used anywhere.

Look Who’s Using Zero-Code Right Now!

Ellipse 42

One of our finance leads said, ‘This is so easy, even my mom could do this. It was extremely intuitive and straightforward.’

Renee Villarreal,
Senior IT Manager McDermott

I designed it, tested it, and had it ready in a week. The platform is simple and highly intuitive, so anyone can use it.

Ajit Singh,
Chief Product Manager Caratlane

The beauty of Kissflow is how quick and easy it is to create the apps I need. It’s so user-friendly that I made exactly what I needed in 30 minutes.

Oliver Umehar,
IT Manager

Become an App Hero With Zero-Code

Super-charge processes with features designed to streamline, speed up, and eliminate any bottlenecks.


Be a Change Leader

Usher in the future of business processes by creating your own apps with zero-code.


Make Business Flow

Automated apps streamline your processes, remove blocks, and boost efficiency


Reduce IT Dependency

Take simple apps creation off your IT department, letting them focus on other crucial tasks


Build Agility

With zero-code, you can stay ahead of the curve by tweaking apps with minimal effort


Automate tasks

Create flows that automatically assign tasks and enables work to flow seamlessly.

Now Everyone Has the Power of App Creation

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