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HR Process

Kick Out Human Resource Forms and HR Templates Using Automation


Human resource departments shoulder heavy responsibilities, regardless of how big or small their organization is. Everyday, folks at the HR department handle important activities like hiring, employee onboardingemployee offboarding, timesheet mangement etc. Some HRs are also bestowed with the tasks of processing payroll, leave management, tracking employee performance and progress, and ensuring workplace decorum. All these duties are important; nonetheless time-consuming, tedious, and sometimes, counterproductive to the pace with which an HR department works especially because managing these processes using paper-based and excel based HR forms and HR templates is a nightmare.

HR forms and templates makes record-keeping and documentation chaotic. There is insufficient communication and coordination between HR teams and employees when using paper-based forms and templates. This is especially true for processes like Employee onboarding where using checklists and templates reduces the engagement of your new hires and also makes collaboration between stakeholders difficult. Processes like Timesheet Tracking and Performance Management become nightmare because they are very time-consuming, labor intensive and also huge cost factor associated with paper templates and forms. Paper-forms are prone to errors and inaccuracy.

Many businesses have realized this, and they have duly automated their human resource processes to overcome this problem. Automating HR processes helps companies to free up HR’s time and energy. A cloud-based, automated HR management software does wonders when it comes to streamlining processes in the HR department.

But How Can Skipping HR Templates and HR Forms Boost Productivity?

Until a few years back, HR automation softwares used to be specifically designed to ease the recruitment process. But now there are HR apps for just about every aspect of human resource management. Companies use different apps or a comprehensive HR app to track employee timesheets, attendance and, progress. The latest apps built on cloud are easy to use to incorporate into the existing HR processes. Workflow apps like Kissflow has more than 50+ pre-built apps and ready-to-use HR forms and templates that you can use to manage your HR processes better.

An HR app platform like Kissflow mentioned above can help you with a gamut of HR functions, be it about automating the employee onboarding process or keep a record of claims reimbursement. You can tailor an app to the specific needs of your HR requirement or create your own app from scratch. You can drag-and-drop to design a form, include process exceptions, add formulas, and generate monthly reports to measure process performance. All these are default features that come with an HR app you can download from Kissflow HR Cloud.

Speed Up Approval Time with HR Forms and Template Automation

Companies that adopt an automated HR tool to run their workflow see an increase in their department’s productivity since the HR staff can quickly review and approve critical processes. If you adopt a cloud-based app that also has a powerful mobile compatibility, you can approve things on the go without having to open up your computer for every process. Additionally, everyone in your team can view the process and spot discrepancies and make timely course corrections. You don’t have to call a status meeting to check on things or make even small changes to a process.

HR managers can make use of the HR templates for sourcing new candidates and access platforms to search for qualified job applicants. They can integrate the HR app to their company’s applicant tracking system in order to follow-up with the recruitment process. You can capitalize an HR automation tool to carry out many other related HR activities like job interviews, employee onboarding, performance reviews, and so on.

Cloud-Based Form Automation Platforms are Beneficial to HR

Businesses that use a cloud-based HR software solutions are already reaping the benefits of increased productivity and even see improvements in their bottom line. An HR app lets recruiters stay constantly proactive on a recruitment process, reach out to applicants on time, and close a hiring requirement without delay.

Being able to customize a HR workflow to fit the needs of your business is a big plus in such HR apps. If you are looking to create seamless, error-free, and efficient processes for your HR department, you should start looking seriously for automated HR apps that come with a plethora of features including automating hr forms and hr templates to make your life easy.