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About The 360-Degree Feedback Template

A 360-degree feedback process effectively gathers insights from multiple sources and comprehensively evaluates an employee's performance. This template allows you to create a streamlined and automated process for collecting feedback from managers, peers, and subordinates, as well as self-assessments.

Getting Started With The 360-Degree Feedback Template

Create customized forms for feedback with detailed questions and rating scales. Set up routing and approval processes for managers to review and provide feedback. Use a centralized database to keep track of feedback and employee evaluations.

  • Deploy your 360-degree feedback template in minutes.
  • Improve your overall employee evaluation process with a more comprehensive and efficient method of gathering feedback.
  • Use a centralized database to keep track of 360-degree feedback evaluations and their status.
  • Create custom workflows that include important details such as the type of evaluation, the employee being evaluated, their department, and any additional requirements.
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Benefits of Using This Template

Tap into the power of the cloud

Unleash the power of an intuitively designed feedback process with advanced customization capabilities.

Complete visibility over employee feedback

Keep track of feedback from multiple sources and ensure overall transparency in the evaluation process.

The simplicity you need

Simplify the feedback process with easy steps and create user-friendly workflows without the need for coding knowledge.

Unified console to trace the feedback

Ensure better and faster feedback tracking under one single console.

Effortless collaboration and routing

Facilitate your teams to collaborate seamlessly, route feedback approvals automatically, and delegate tasks with ease.

Retrieve insights and ensure accuracy

Obtain interactive reports and data-driven insights that help deliver the best experience for your employees and managers.

360-Degree Feedback

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