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Paperless Onboarding – A Modern Employee Onboarding Platform

Team Kissflow

Updated on 23 Apr 2024 3 min read

With great talent comes great employee onboarding responsibility. Most HR managers wish they could use the same employee onboarding template for every new hire. However, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to employee onboarding. Each onboarding process is unique.

Onboarding is a critical step in the workforce management process. However, when it is managed manually, it can be often overlooked or poorly handled. As a result, it can give your new hires a bad first impression. Worst of all, tons of paperwork, missed information, and busy managers can increase an employee’s time to productivity.

paperless onboarding

It’s for these reasons why various industries have turned to a singular solution for clean, fast, and efficient new paperless onboarding. Irrespective of an organization’s size or industry, all roads lead to one innovation: automated onboarding.

What is paperless onboarding?

Paperless onboarding is the process of using employee onboarding software or a unified HR management solution to speed up and streamline the process. These onboarding tools take a fresh approach to onboarding to making it flexible, automatic, and personal. As a result, it improves employee engagement, reduces ramp time, and ensures process compliance.

How to make paperless onboarding a reality

The real challenge is implementing an effective paperless onboarding process in the paper-heavy world of HR. However, if you plan ahead properly, you can make your onboarding process paperless in a short amount of time.

Since most onboarding tasks are a bit repetitive, the associated workflows lend themselves into automated processes. With advanced onboarding software, digital onboarding forms, dynamic HR workflows, and cloud-based storage, the onboarding process can be processed without any paper.

Best practices of paperless onboarding

Using paperless onboarding platforms like Kissflow HR Cloud businesses can make employee onboarding a unified part of their talent management strategy. However, even with the best tool in the market, businesses can have trouble retrieving the ROI if they miss out to follow some best employee onboarding practices:

  1. Revise procedures and policies to authorize paperless onboarding
  2. Re-evaluate the list of stakeholders involved in the process
  3. Review the existing onboarding process and eliminate redundant steps
  4. Sketch out the final onboarding process flow
  5. Create paperless onboarding templates and workflows with automation
  6. Test it rigorously with the help of other business users
  7. Arrange proper change management training to stakeholders
  8. Implement the system, collect feedback from users, and keep improving the process

Kissflow HR Cloud

Benefits of a paperless onboarding process

Modern technology is rapidly changing employee expectations, and businesses need to keep up with those demands and reduce turnover. Paperless onboarding helps businesses fulfill those expectations.

The benefits of making onboarding paperless have been extolled numerous times: it saves time, reduces cost, ensures efficiency, and speeds up ramp time.

However here are a few more benefits of implementing a paperless employee onboarding software:

1. Digitize onboarding forms

With digital employee onboarding forms, HR professionals can create and manage onboarding documents, eliminate the need to print, scan, and manually key in confidential employee information.

Additionally, online onboarding forms increase accuracy and ensure consistency in the onboarding process. Using an all-in-one HR suite like Kissflow HR Cloud, organizations can customize the onboarding form to fit their unique business needs.

2. Create dynamic onboarding workflows

Since the onboarding process is unique for every new hire, businesses need the option to design dynamic onboarding workflows that give every new hire memorable onboarding experience. These onboarding workflows act like onboarding checklists which guide the new hire through every step of the process to eventually become a productive team member.

Kissflow HR Cloud’s onboarding module comes with a progress bar and automated notification to help stakeholders keep track of the process. Businesses can make the onboarding process compliant by enforcing business rules, setting conditions, and restricting visibility.

3. Integrate onboarding with other HR processes

Employee onboarding is not an isolated process. It is interconnected with other HR processes like training management, performance appraisals, employee self-service, and more.

Once an employee is an onboarding, businesses can organize role-specific training, set short term performance goals, and allow employees to manage their profile. All these activities, will improve employee engagement and motivate them to stay for the long haul.

Some HR platforms like Kissflow HR Cloud offers businesses the means to integrate with third-party systems of their choice. It’s built-in connect makes the process of integrating with a third-party application as easy as installing a social network app.

4. Access everything through a single onboarding platform

One of the best things about paperless onboarding is the process of visibility it offers. The dashboard in HR tools allows process administrators like HR leaders to view processes in real-time, reassign tasks, measure the processing speed, identify pain points, and so on.

They can even get a clear picture of where a process is stalled and who is responsible for it. This ensures transparency and encourages accountability in a team. Powerful features like these help your HR department transform from just another overworked team to an innovative workspace.

Go paperless today

Paperless onboarding fulfills the strategic aspects of onboarding such as engagement and orientation without compromising tactical aspects compliance and integration with other tools. The end-to-end automation of onboarding process makes employees happy and delivers better business results.

Kissflow HR Cloud’s built-in onboarding module provides businesses the ultimate employee onboarding platform to fulfill the expectations of their modern workforce. It helps organizations turn new hires into productive employees in no time at all. If you’re on the lookout for a powerful onboarding module, sign-up for a free trial and see how silky smooth onboarding can be.

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