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Acclerate App Dev with Low-Code Platform

Leverage the Kissflow Work Platform to build apps that transform your business enterprise. As the premiere low-code platform, Kissflow facilitates the easy and rapid development of apps without heavy coding.
Accelerate App Development with #1 Low-Code Application Platform-2

Low-code app development yields high stats

Here are some key statistics on low-code application development

4 out of 5 companies

in the U.S are now using low-code development. (Fact.MR)

70% of new apps

developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code by 2025 (Gartner)

10x faster app development

can be achieved with low-code platforms (Forrester)

Do more than just app development with Kissflow Work Platform

Low-code application development becomes much easier and faster with Kissflow’s feature-rich platform. Quickly turn your innovative ideas into useful business apps within hours.
Pre-built templates
Pre-built templates

Choose from Kissflow’s 400+ customizable template market to reduce app development time, optimize processes, streamline workflows, unify operational dashboards, and other core tasks.

Application builder-3
Application builder

Enjoy the flexibility in app development. Kissflow’s application builder has the exact functionalities you need to achieve your business goals and lets you create apps from scratch.

Customized user interface
Customized user interface

Design custom landing pages for specific user roles. Assign roles and manage permissions for better navigation and access to relevant forms, data, and analytics.

Refined developer sandbox
Refined developer sandbox

Enable collaboration among testing teams, developers, and end-users with a robust developer sandbox. Leverage simultaneous testing to identify bugs faster and optimize app design better.

Fast deployment
Fast deployment

Build, extend, and deploy applications whenever you need them. Kissflow supports seamless updates and fast validation of business apps for minimal disruptions in operations.

Powerful integrations
Powerful integrations

The platform works well with other core utility platforms. Kissflow supports multiple integrations with CRMs, ERPs, and other tools that enterprises use for business efficiency and productivity.

What can you build with the Kissflow Work Platform

Customer engagement solutions
Customer engagement solutions

Create robust CRMs, customer service management systems, mobile POS apps, and other applications that improve customer experiences throughout the CX lifecycle. Drive better and smarter data-driven processes and improve the speed of service.

Mission-critical applications
Mission-critical applications

Reduce downtimes by developing enterprise-grade mission-critical apps that are agile and adaptable. Design your custom ERP software, payments systems, client portal, and other business applications that are tailored to your unique business needs.

Remote work applications
Remote work applications

Manage remote teams with ease and simplify their work-from-home tasks. Deploy customized time trackers, time management systems, approval software, and other apps for better remote work management.

Deploy apps that add value to your enterprise
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Benefits of using a low-code application platform

By accelerating app development, you ultimately accelerate business growth. Low-code application development platforms enable you to deploy critical apps that digitize your operations, automate processes, streamline workflows, and optimize productivity.

Cost efficiency
Cost efficiency

With no hefty developer fees and expensive hardware required, low-code platforms provide a highly cost-efficient way of developing and deploying business apps.

Easy development
Easy development

User-friendly interfaces allow easy app development with the use of drag-and-drop tools. Building business apps require minimal coding expertise and erase the need for shadow IT.

Fast deployment (1)
Fast deployment

Design, develop, and deploy apps instantly when you need them. Low-code development ensures fast turnaround times and enables constant iterations with minimal disruptions.


Build scalable solutions that adapt to your business growth. Iterate apps or extend functionalities whenever needed and shorten the time taken to deliver exceptional deliverables.

Fast deployment-1

Low-code platforms are designed for creating apps that are responsive across multiple devices with varying screen types and display formats. This enhances user experiences across all digital channels.

Reliable security
Reliable security

Since they employ multi-factor authentication and validation protocols, low-code platforms offer enterprise-grade security when building and running applications.

Low-code vs traditional app development

  • Requires little to no coding knowledge
  • Cost-effective; Economical pricing is license-based and flexible based on apps
  • Within days; Prebuilt templates and code blocks are used to launch apps within a few days
  • Seamless integrations; Works well with existing systems and external applications
  • Requires technical expertise and programming knowledge
  • Expensive; Entails developer fees, investment in infrastructure and continuous maintenance
  • Several months; Development takes a long time as multiple teams work from scratch
  • Limited capabilities; Requires complex codes to integrate with other applications

Our customers feel the difference

Soft bank-2

Kissflow improved our global incentives program by reducing time and eliminating errors. Our international nominees are thankful for the quick process!!

Oliver Umehara,


“This is so easy, even my mom could do this.' It was extremely intuitive and straightforward. The watermark was, 'I don't need to call IT to do this. I can do it myself.”

Renee Villarreal

Senior IT Manager

“With Kissflow, I got used to developing processes very fast and the support given was very helpful.”

Griselda Juve


Deploy apps that add value to your enterprise