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7 Benefits of IT Application development for Businesses

Team Kissflow

Updated on 11 Mar 2024 3 min read

With today's ever-changing technology, IT teams are expected to pivot quickly and efficiently to perform their everyday jobs. Customers have become more demanding, and businesses are moving their operations online. IT teams are expected to develop, deploy, and maintain applications faster and more efficiently than ever. They must be agile and responsive to match the ever-growing app demand and ensure they're secure and reliable.

According to 72 percent of technology professionals, the recent switch to remote work added more work to IT departments, overwhelming them further. An overburdened employee is less likely to be productive or efficient, which lowers creativity. But there’s a proven solution to overcome this challenge.

Apps built on low-code, no-code (LCNC) platforms can ease the burden on IT teams by reducing their workload. The effort involved in developing and deploying applications can be cut down, ensuring they’re compatible with existing systems, secure, and up-to-date. 
But how can app development platforms benefit IT teams?

But how can app development platforms benefit IT teams?

What does app development with LCNC means for IT team?

Low-code is an IT application development approach that uses visual tools with drag-and-drop elements to build applications. It's a popular alternative to traditional development that allows businesses to quickly and easily create applications without complex coding. Businesses can also use low-code to automate processes and generate custom reports.

It is ideal for businesses that want to enhance productivity and streamline application development for IT teams with minimal investment. There is less need for technical expertise, and you can create custom apps flexibly in-house.

No-code IT app development is an innovative way to create apps without writing any code. It's a powerful tool for non-IT professionals who want to develop and launch custom applications without relying on IT teams or learning to code using complex programming languages. No-code development platforms have an intuitive, highly-visual interface that allows users to quickly and easily create applications.

How IT app development platforms benefit businesses

LCNC development offers several advantages over traditional app development, including:

Greater productivity

Automation can boost productivity by 0.8-1.4 percent every year. No-code/low-code development helps businesses build more apps in less time so that employees can spend extra time innovating. The platforms are easy to use, eliminating the steep learning curve linked to coding languages. SLA status notifications and advanced reporting make it easier for IT teams to identify problems and solve them efficiently.

Automate more in less time

LCNC platforms are designed to democratize IT application development and make the process more efficient. With drag-and-drop tools, users can quickly create applications with little to no-code. No-code/low-code can easily automate routine tasks, simplify the process life cycle, and create more efficient workflows that improve the customer and employee experience. As user-friendly platforms, they empower non-IT professionals to become part of the developer pool.

Eliminates shadow IT

For a long time, employees have built apps behind IT's back without IT personnel knowledge or verification. But no-code/low-code platforms reduce the development complexity, allowing employees outside the IT to participate in the development process, which manages shadow IT. Since LCNC platforms are approved by IT, they also ensure all applications meet the organization's standard security and performance requirements. The platforms are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, easily accessible to those with limited coding experience.

Faster development speed

LCNC platforms support faster app development, with apps that previously took months, now taking days, even hours. In fact, the platforms enable users to develop software ten times faster than traditional development methods. Users work with pre-built templates, a visual interface, and drag-and-drop buttons to create apps without writing complex code. With a  shorter time to launch, businesses can quickly adapt to market changes and deliver apps to customers faster.

Quicker maintenance

Before low-code/no-code platforms, application maintenance and updates involved long periods of writing code. But with LCNC platforms, you don’t need a developer for app maintenance. With the visual approach and minimal-to-no-written code required, users can easily identify and fix application issues. This ensures applications are functioning correctly and continue to meet users' needs.

Save money

LCNC platforms minimize hiring expensive developers or outsourcing app development, as it can be done in-house, reducing costs. Developers also build more apps in less time, which frees up their time to focus on more complex and urgent, mission-critical tasks. Businesses require fewer employees and other resources to run low-code/no-code platforms and develop applications, meaning a lower budget. Application development for IT teams with LCNC offers a wide range of features allowing businesses to automate tasks and streamline processes without expensive development tools or personnel.

Maximize internal resources

Many IT professionals leverage LCNC as their go-to app development solution to enhance reusability and save time by delivering more applications quicker and with fewer resources.

It also reduces the strain on limited IT resources and accelerates digital asset development. Since it requires fewer resources, businesses can leverage existing internal resources efficiently and develop applications with fewer IT staff, existing employees, and less overhead cost, making the most out of their investment.

Start building powerful LCNC apps with Kissflow IT app development

IT environments are becoming more complex by the day. Businesses must embrace low-code/no-code development to stay competitive in evolving markets. LCNC development platforms reduce the burden on IT teams, offering a powerful tool to innovate and create cost-effective applications quickly.

LCNC offers modern businesses a viable alternative to scale up operations faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. While these platforms are here to stay, selecting the right one determines your success and sets you off to a good start.

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