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Enterprise Low-Code Application Development

App Development Platform for Startups: How to Choose One?

Enhance productivity and performance for your agile startup. Experience efficient and cost-effective app creation with a robust no-code app development platform. 

How does application development help startups?

Apps for startups are crucial marketing and communication tools. It boosts internal productivity and can ease interaction and external communication with customers. Application development helps startups in the following ways: 

Positive image 

Startup app development creates an impression that your business is technologically advanced and innovative. It’ll portray your business in a positive light to potential customers.

Improves competitiveness

Having a mobile app ensures that you stand out among competitors by helping you deliver unparalleled service to consumers and connect with them in ways no other startup is doing. 

Market brilliantly 

Selling products or services via applications is considerably easier in a world where everyone is using mobile phones. Apps are the ideal marketing tool every startup should be using. 

Improved customer interactions 

Apps provide the quickest and most convenient way for customers to learn about your startup and the products or services you offer and interact with your business successfully. 

Top startups' use cases

Asset management

Easily manage and track all your assets from the same place with a robust asset management application. 


Manage employee recruitment and provide ongoing Human Resource Management, training, information, and development for your workers with HRM applications. 

Risk management

Risk management apps help teams identify and mitigate risks effectively for seamless decision-making and better project or business outcomes. 

Incident management

When service disruptions occur due to unplanned events, an incident management app can help IT and service teams identify, analyze and determine the right steps to ensure minimal negative impact.

Inventory management

An inventory management app simplifies and automates maintaining a comprehensive inventory list with robust tracking, listing, and management functionalities.  

Vendor management

Startups need to maintain an ongoing relationship with the vendors they work with. A vendor management app is a cloud-based tool that streamlines vendor relationships across the supply chain. 

Why low-code, no-code is the best way to move forward?

Thanks to low-code/no-code platforms, App development for startups has never been easier. They allow you to build fully-functioning apps seamlessly without writing a line of code. It's a faster and more efficient way to build apps and is also beneficial for the following reasons: 

Lower development cost 

The cost of traditional app development can add up fast. Building with no-code simplifies app development, delivering fully-functional apps at a fraction of the cost. 

Improved business agility 

Low-code/no-code development allows organizations to develop apps faster and respond quickly to changes within their industry.  

Enhanced team productivity 

Low-code tools ease the burden on your IT teams and empower business users to build the apps they need to automate crucial business processes. 

Faster digital transformation 

Innovate quickly and automate multiple operations to transform business processes and improve the overall customer experience.

How are startups benefiting from the Kissflow unified work?

Kissflow is a startup-friendly unified work platform that helps faster app development, managing day-to-day processes, and bringing app ideas to life. 

Digitize operations faster 

Kissflow provides your startup with digital tools to reinvent your entire business process to meet user demands faster and more effectively. 

Robust integration 

Kissflow Low-Code integrates with some of the most popular business tools, allowing you to add advanced functionalities that add an extra layer of utility to your enterprise apps. 

Intuitive user interface 

Easy to use and fully-customizable user interface allows users to navigate seamlessly and build functional apps in a fraction of the time spent on traditional development. 

Collaborate seamlessly 

Traditional IT teams and business users can work together on app development projects on a single.

How to build applications for startups with the help of low-code/no-code

Although simpler and faster, building apps with no-code demands the same level of planning and attention to detail as traditional coding. 

1. Set an objective 

Determine the objectives of your development project and the problem your app is meant to solve.

2. Create a prototype 

Start by creating a working prototype that serves as a blueprint for your app’s components or features and demonstrates how it works.

3. Start building 

Decide on a development framework, plan your work, assign tasks, and get started with app development. 

4. Testing 

Whether you're building with the traditional development approach or using no-code, all apps must be tested before they're released to consumers. 

5. Launch 

Launch an initial version (beta version) of your app for a select group of users.

6. Take feedback and update 

Collect data and consistently finetune your app to fix bugs and improve performance. 

Our customers feel the difference

Soft bank (1)

Kissflow improved our global incentives program by reducing time and eliminating errors. Our international nominees are thankful for the quick process!!

Oliver Umehara,


“This is so easy, even my mom could do this.' It was extremely intuitive and straightforward. The watermark was, 'I don't need to call IT to do this. I can do it myself.”

Renee Villarreal

Senior IT Manager

“With Kissflow, I got used to developing processes very fast and the support given was very helpful.”

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