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What is Customer Service Issue Tracker and How Does it Help Your Business?

Team Kissflow

Updated on 17 Apr 2024 3 min read

No matter what industry or function you operate in, the most important entity for your business is the customer. Apart from your product quality, price, and other factors, your customer’s satisfaction is dependent on the overall quality of your customer service department.

Today, customers can reach out to your business through multiple channels like live chats, email, or social media. No matter how they reach out, they still expect swift and efficient handling of their problem.

An issue tracking tool can help with that. The right issue tracker in customer service can unify, manage, analyze, and contextualize your customer requests. It makes it easier for service agents to keep track of requests and keep the customers satisfied.

What is a Customer Service Issue tracker?

What is Issue tracking for Customer Service

Customer service issue tracking tools are designed to facilitate your help desk by keeping tabs on ticket inflows and providing an omnichannel view of the current issues. Customers generally have the option of approaching your service agents through multiple channels. An issue tracker can help your team contextualize the interaction, centralize communication, and provide the best service with minimum hassle.

5 Key Challenges Customer Support Teams Face

Customer support teams have a lot to deal with. Customer satisfaction is the primary determinant for retention and businesses invest a lot in their after-sales services to keep the support process as smooth as possible.

There are still many challenges that customer support teams regularly face and the following 5 are generally the trickiest to deal with.

Inefficient tracking

This challenge generally stems from inadequate training or an overwhelmed support team. Sometimes, the volume of live tickets gets too much to handle and makes it difficult to track individual issues. This results in unnecessary delays and more unsatisfied customers, and that can hurt your business.

Contextual decisions

Some customer service teams face challenges in investigating and including the relevant details regarding a customer. This affects the quality of service they can provide as customers might get frustrated when asked to repeat the same information multiple times.

Routing tickets

Another major responsibility of customer service teams is to connect the incoming queries to the relevant department. A large volume of tickets, a disconnect between different channels, or any other reason can create problems in the process and affect your customer’s overall experience.

Resolution and wait times

Apart from complexity, some customer tickets face delays because of inefficiencies in the system or a combination of issues in tracking and prioritizing tickets. Similarly, some customers also have to wait for a long time before getting connected to a service agent which starts the interaction on a bad note.

Communication with customers

Ideally, the problem your customers face will be resolved then and there. However, that’s not always the case. Resolutions can take time, especially for complex issues. Some customer teams struggle with effectively tracking such issues and keeping the customers informed throughout the process. The lack of communication negatively impacts customer satisfaction levels even if the issue is resolved in the shortest time possible.

How can an issue tracker help you get ahead of all these issues?

Customer support teams are ultimately responsible for ensuring satisfaction and the aforementioned challenges create a lot of problems for them.

Fortunately, there is a simple, yet effective solution.

A customer service issue tracker can help the team members manage their work better and mitigate most of the associated risks of the field.

Here’s how an issue tracker can help you remain on top of things:

Effectively track large volumes

The right issue tracking tool and potentially eliminate any difficulty your customer service team may have in managing large volumes of open tickets. Issue trackers automate the process and make it easier to track multiple channels, prioritize issues, keep an eye on recurring issues, and track the time spent on solving particular problems.

Generate advance reports and analytics

Issue tracking tools are excellent from a reporting perspective as well. Apart from automatically recording all incoming tickets and their related information, most top-tier tools come with advanced analytical capabilities. This allows you to make better decisions and remain proactive by targeting areas with the most complaints, rectifying recurring issues, and capitalizing on any new opportunities to improve your customer’s experience.

Facilitate routing

Customer service issue trackers can seamlessly integrate with other business tools your teams rely on. This can help in keeping all the requests aligned and facilitate routing the issues to the correct department.

Facilitate in communicating with the customers

Issue tracker tools can be set up to collect valuable inputs from the customers to learn more about their expectations. You can also use these tools to effectively communicate with customers while the relevant department is working to resolve the issue. Most customers appreciate open communication and remain satisfied with the service even when there are some technical delays.

Help in enhancing the overall productivity

Customer service issues trackers come with several automation features to stimulate productivity. You have the option to create automatic reports to keep an eye on recurring patterns, assign resources to the busiest channels, close resolved issues, and even reach out to customers for feedback with only a few clicks.

The Ultimate Customer Service Issue Tracker

Who said issue tracking tools need to be complicated for the best results? Kissflow Workflow is a state-of-the-art tracking solution that operates with utmost simplicity but still packs a powerful punch.

The tool comes filled with several advanced features to facilitate better issue management and help you maintain effective control. Best of all, you are free to customize the workflows in any way you see fit, and that too without going through any elaborate processes. Kissflow Workflow is a no-code solution that offers drag-and-drop setups, so you can spend most of your time on the actual job rather than setting up the tools.

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