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Automate Your Entire Onboarding Process

Kissflow enables users to create simple, yet dynamic employee onboarding that capture high-value data. Even better, repetitive information is automatically populated into other apps.

Install the onboarding workflow app from Kissflow and create an automated form to kickstart the process.

Use drag-and-drop form designer to model the process. Use advanced features to add formulas, conditions, exceptions, etc.

View the status of every Onboarding and quickly spot bottlenecks. Make real-time changes to create a seamless experience.

Get the app up and running for everyone to use. No more shuffling through paper stacks or hounding people to get things done.

Find out how Kissflow adds value

Companies that use Kissflow vouch for the value that its Employee onboarding App brings to their organizational efficiency.


new hire retention


greater productivity


improvement in revenue

Reasons To Love Kissflow’s Employee Onboarding App

With Kissflow, users can design custom web forms that automatically capture high-value data and re-populate repetitive information onto other forms.


Drag and Drop

Just drag and drop form fields and get started.

customize form

Highly Customizable

Tweak it to your preference, or create your own app.


Powerful Mobile Capability

Track the entire onboarding process from your smartphone.


Alert & Notification

Get notifications to your phone when your forms collect data.


Easy Integration

Integrate Kissflow with your existing HR software.

Change the Way You Welcome New Hires

Use Kissflow to onboard your next hire. For free!

Simplifying employee onboarding for 10,000+ Companies.