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Business expenses are inevitable, as are their prudent management and reconciliation. With traditional pen-and-paper account keeping becoming increasingly obsolete, a modern expense management app is the go-to solution for businesses. Expense Management app is one such solution that aids in tracking employee reimbursement claims, advances to be paid to employees, total expenses, etc. The app includes charts and reports that provide insight into the expense summary for the year, a specific month, or a time period of choice. You can also slice-and-dice expenses across different categories. Finance admins have the authority to approve, reject, or return claims. Overall, the app aids in the efficient management of the organization's expenses.

  • Automated reimbursement claims
  • Track expenses incurred
  • Track advances
  • View reports and charts
  • View all your claims in one place by status, such as approved, paid, pending, etc.

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