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05 Apr 2024

Why It Matters: Navigating Singapore's tech talent landscape in 2024

Spokesperson : Dinesh Varadharajan
Why It Matters: Navigating Singapore's tech talent landscape in 2024

Singapore's tech industry is thriving, and with the government supporting innovation, it has become a top choice for companies seeking to hire talented tech professionals.

In this conversation with MONEY FM 89.3, Dinesh Varadharajan discusses the tech talent shortage due to high demand.

Key points covered:
1.  It's unwise to burden tech teams with too many work requests. This indirectly leads to attrition.
2.  People who are closer to the problem can solve it better. Empower business teams.
3.  The current new generation of tech talent is much more savvy, given the right amount of freedom, they will be top performers!

Beyond hiring the right talent, it's important to support them with the right set of tools and technologies to help them succeed.

Listen to the full interview here

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