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01 Jun 2023

The key tenets of successful digital transformation

The key tenets of successful digital transformation

Mohan Madurakavi, Chief Evangelist, Digital Transformation at Kissflow has written an elaborate piece titled, "The ten tenets of Digital Transformation".

Digital transformation often becomes a mere buzzword. For many organisations, this results in rudderless initiatives that come at the cost of successful modernisation. But this needn't be the case and can be overcome via the following principles.

  1. Law of digitalisation 
  2. Law of intelligent systems
  3. Law of digital transformation
  4. Law of digital assets 
  5. Law of digital capacity
  6. Law of customer intimacy
  7. Law of cultural empowerment
  8. CEO as the change maker 

This article was published in FutureCIO on June 1st, 2023.

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