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22 Dec 2023

Kissflow Recognized in 2023 Nucleus Research Low-Code Application Development Platforms (LCAP) Technology Value Matrix

Kissflow Recognized in 2023 Nucleus Research Low-Code Application Development Platforms (LCAP) Technology Value Matrix
The report highlights citizen development has increased the adoption of LCAP, and with Gen AI, it is bound to democratize further


WILMINGTON, DE – 22nd December, 2023Kissflow, provider of a low-code platform for enterprises to transform business operations, announced that it had been featured as a facilitator in the 2023 Nucleus Research LCAP Technology Value Matrix. Specifically, Kissflow was recognized for its app builder, process builder, and governance solutions.

According to Nucleus Research, vendors in the Facilitator's quadrant deliver value through greater ease of use and quick implementation. With an end-to-end low-code suite spanning no-code, low-code, collaboration, automation, and governance, Kissflow aims to drive digital transformation and process optimization while eliminating shadow IT risks. Kissflow was recognized as a Facilitator due to its intuitive user experience and interface and ease of implementation for business users.

The Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix evaluates key players in the low-code application development space and provides a comprehensive overview of the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the low-code industry. 

The development of the low-code application market has grown rapidly in the last year, enabling greater accessibility and democratization of the technology to empower business and IT users. Kissflow understands the importance of consistent innovation to meet industry standards and customer needs and has placed emphasis on building secure, efficient and intuitive tools to demonstrate attention to UI/UX and comprehensability across the platform. 

Kissflow’s industry applications across IT, financial services, manufacturing, education, telecommunications, automotive, retail, oil and energy, and logistics demonstrate its versatility. 

Kissflow offers an intuitive low-code platform that empowers both business users and developers to rapidly build applications and automate processes. The no-code interface allows nontechnical users to assemble applications, forms, and workflows using drag-and-drop, prebuilt components, and simple logic-based process design. For IT teams, Kissflow provides low-code capabilities to customize apps, integrate data, and rapidly prototype solutions. at the same time offer a superior governance layer to manage application development.

  • The full report is available on Nucleus Research’s website to active subscribers or for purchase.
  • Schedule a live demo of the Kissflow platform here.
  • Learn more about Kissflow for Application Development.
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