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09 Jun 2021

Kissflow Launches Cloud-Based Procure-to-Pay Platform

Kissflow Launches Cloud-Based Procure-to-Pay Platform

The no-code cloud application offers effortless customization of procurement workflows to streamline and automate purchasing processes

Wilmington – 9 June, 2021 – Recognizing the increasing demand from enterprises to streamline & automate their procurement processes, Kissflow, a leading SaaS company offering work management solutions used by organisations in over 160 countries, today launched Kissflow Procurement Cloud, its cloud-based procure-to-pay (P2P) solution.

Kissflow Procurement Cloud is an end-to-end unified platform for procurement teams to manage all their procurement spends in a single place. By unifying advanced functionalities for eProcurement, Punchout Catalogs, AP Automation, Supplier Portal, Supplier Management, Inventory Management, Expense Management, and Custom Integrations into a single platform, Kissflow Procurement Cloud helps companies to streamline their entire procurement lifecycle, along with the ability to enhance efficiencies and identify cost savings opportunities through data analytics.

Speaking about the launch, Mohammed Kafil, Senior Product Manager at Kissflow says, “Since traditional procurement approaches remain highly reliant on disconnected, manual-driven legacy systems, they are prone to errors and oversight which translate to costly inefficiencies and lost opportunities for businesses. With Kissflow Procurement Cloud, we are eliminating all entry barriers to procurement automation by offering an intelligent, comprehensive, customizable solution with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a flexible pay-as-you-go model.” Being cloud-based, the newly launched platform offers a fixed fee pricing model based on the features, user count, and transactions.

Kissflow Procurement Cloud leverages Kissflow’s market leadership in the Low-code and No-code domain to empower procurement teams to fully customize business process flows without the need for any technical skill sets. Moreover, Kissflow Procurement Cloud offers out-of-the-box integrations with third-party ERP, accounting systems, and business applications such as NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, QuickBooks, Xero, DocuSign, G-Suite and much more. Kissflow Procurement Cloud also includes powerful analytics capabilities, making it easy for procurement leaders to track spending patterns and supplier performance, and generate customisable reports that drive informed decision making.

Kissflow Procurement Cloud has already scaled its customer base to 5000+ users globally. Some marquee customers include Nana Direct, ADQ, Selecta, Citizens UK, ngena, Carparts.com and TDCX.

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