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14 Nov 2023

“Kissflow” is positioned as a Leader in the 2023 SPARK MatrixTM for Low Code Application Development (LCAD) Platform for Business Developers by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Spokesperson : Suresh Sambandam
“Kissflow” is positioned as a Leader in the 2023 SPARK MatrixTM for Low Code Application Development (LCAD) Platform for Business Developers by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

“Kissflow” is positioned as a Leader in the 2023 SPARK MatrixTM for Low Code Application Development (LCAD) Platform for Business Developers by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

  • The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™ provides competitive analysis and ranking of the Low Code Application Development (LCAD) Platform for Business Developers 
  • Kissflow, with its comprehensive technology, and strong application management capabilities bundled with a user-friendly platform experience, has received strong ratings across key parameters, including technology excellence and customer impact.

13th November 2023: Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announced today that it has named Kissflow as the 2023 technology leader in the Low Code Application Development (LCAD) Platform for the Business Developers market. Based on a 15-criteria evaluation, Kissflow is recognized as one of the top 5 technology leaders in the LCAD segment for Business Developers and the only business user-first (aka Citizen Development friendly) platform - structured to enable business users to understand, navigate and work on the platform without having to have much cognitive load. Download the report, HERE.

The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™ includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of the leading technology vendors through its SPARK MatrixTM. It also offers strategic information for users to evaluate different provider capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

According to Abhishek Anant Garg, Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Kissflow allows citizen or business developers to effortlessly build and deploy applications using a simple and easy-to-use graphical user interface. The interface enables developers to utilize app builder and drag-and-drop capabilities to design and create applications by simply selecting the required application modules and dropping them into the interface. The company’s workflow automation capabilities allow developers to speed up the development process by automating repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on the business logic. Kissflow’s Low-code platform is highly adaptable and allows users to create customized solutions that precisely fit their unique requirements. This along with the platform’s scalability allows organizations to efficiently evolve and expand their digital ecosystems as their needs change and grow. Kissflow places a strong emphasis on governance and compliance, ensuring that as applications multiply, they are compliant to all required standards and regulations and remain secure,” adds Abhishek.

“We are thrilled to be recognized as the 2023 technology leader in the Low Code Application Development Platform by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. Kissflow's inception was rooted in the vision of democratizing technology, empowering business users to become citizen developers. This recognition stands as a profound testament to our commitment to this transformative journey and the trust bestowed upon us by thousands of customers who have harnessed the potential of low-code development with Kissflow” said Suresh Sambandam, CEO, Kissflow.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions defines an LCAD platform as “Low-code application development (LCAD) platforms empower developers to design, develop, test, deploy and maintain applications without the need of any complex coding. It provides an intuitive graphical user interface to the developer for visualizing the flow of application development. LCAD platforms greatly increase the pace of application development along with making the development process convenient, efficient, and secure. The platform provides drag-and-drop feature through which users create applications by dropping pre-built function modules within the development interface. It may provide added functionality of advanced LLM model for AI assistance in the form of code snippets and next best step recommendations.”.

Additional Resources:

  • For more information about Kissflow, visit here,
  • SPARK Matrix: Low Code Application Development (LCAD) Platform for Business Developers, 2023 Link 

About Kissflow:

Kissflow provides a low-code work platform for enterprises to digitally transform business operations. Kissflow transforms operations by fostering citizen development with its easy-to-use interface for business users while enabling enterprise IT with a robust development & governance layer. Kissflow enables every enterprise user to build and manage apps, processes, tasks, analytics, integration, and collaboration in a unified platform. Hundreds of global and Fortune 500 brands such as Pepsi, McDermott, Comcast, and Danone, rely on Kissflow to simplify their work. Kissflow has been featured and recognized as an industry leader by Gartner, Forrester and G2. Founded in 2004, Kissflow is an industry pioneer in the low-code / no-code space with a globally distributed workforce. Learn more at https://kissflow.com/

About Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is a global advisory and consulting firm focused on helping clients achieve business transformation goals with Strategic Business and Growth advisory services. At Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, our vision is to become an integral part of our client’s business as a strategic knowledge partner. Our research and consulting deliverables are designed to provide comprehensive information and strategic insights for helping clients formulate growth strategies to survive and thrive in ever-changing business environments.

For more available research, please visit https://quadrant-solutions.com/market-research/ 

Media Contacts:

Saivinai R, Saivinai@kissflow.com
Quadrant Knowledge Solutions
Ajinkya Ingle

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