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12 Dec 2022

3 Questions Startups Should Be Asking About Low Code/No Code

Spokesperson : Dinesh Varadharajan

For early-stage companies considering whether to make the move to low-code or no-code development, here's what every startup needs to know.

 In the past, founders without coding experience faced a steep learning curve when it came to updating their software or developing an app. Often they relied on hiring full-time programmers or expensive industry consultants. Over the last few years though, low-code/no-code (LCNC) development platforms have exploded in popularity, allowing those with little to no knowledge of traditional programming languages to build and test applications using templates or drag-and-drop features.

Here are three important questions that startups should be asking before dipping a toe into the LCNC pool:

1. What does your startup offer, and what type of digital experiences are you creating for your customers? 

2. How far along are you in your startup journey?

3. Are you taking a “build” or “buy” approach to your digital architecture?

Dinesh decodes this entire thought process in this article

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