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Cloud-Based Bug Tracking Software – Features & Benefits

Team Kissflow

Updated on 6 Feb 2024 3 min read

Cloud technology has become a norm across industries. Apart from affording organizations a greater deal of flexibility and reduced operational costs, a cloud issue tracking solution comes with a host of benefits. But before we discuss them, let’s go into why a cloud-based solution is vital to better and smoother operations.

Advantages of Cloud Based Bug Tracking Tool

Issue tracking is the process of identifying issues, tracking them across their lifespan and resolving them without disruption. Without a dedicated tool, the process of issue tracking can be extremely error-prone and cumbersome because it requires a high degree of collaboration, flexibility, and smart decision making. This is why organizations are adopting a cloud-based issue tracking tools.

Benefits of Cloud Issue Tracking Software

Low/no infrastructure maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of cloud based bug tracking software is in the very definition of the. With everything in the cloud, the need for costly offline infrastructure is eliminated. All your storage and server needs are handled by a third-party provider that you simply pay on a subscription. With regular systems, you have to worry about ongoing maintenance to keep the system running.

Backup and recovery

In the case of an unforeseen disaster or any significant issues, your data is better secured on a cloud bug tracking platform. All activities are automatically backed up, and you can easily recover them. This limits downtime and information loss.

Selective/restricted access

While cloud-based issue tracking systems simplify access, making it possible for anyone to access needed data quickly, it’s still possible to restrict access to data. This selective access to data will be valuable in enterprises where multiple people with different authorization levels work on the same project. You can easily set different levels of access for different categories of developers.


Since they do not need physical infrastructure, cloud based issue tracking systems are pretty easy to deploy. Setting a system up is as simple as signing up with a provider. Users will also find the system easy to use since most cloud-based systems are designed to be intuitive. The ease of deployment also encourages scalability as your business grows.

Ease of access

Cloud-based bug tracking software allows users to access data from anywhere they are from authorized devices. This is particularly valuable for enterprises with development teams and other stakeholders that work remotely or with multiple teams in different locations.


Cloud technologies typically have advanced security features that help to control access and keep enterprise data secure. It is unlikely that your on-site system will offer the same level of security sophistication that a cloud-based issue tracking system does. There’s minimal risk of breaches and total data loss compared to having all your data on a physical device.

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Other Cloud Issue tracking Features

Among other benefits, issue tracking with cloud-based software simplifies the process of prioritizing and assigning defect resolution using robust workflows. This is crucial to your product development process and the overall quality of your product.

Tracking defects across the life cycle

A cloud-based issue tracking system provides a single workflow from which you can manage your product’s entire life cycle. Everything from issue detection, prioritization, fixing, testing, and reporting is handled from the same centralized workflow. This provides shared visibility for everyone involved in product development and the organization at large. It also ensures that all tickets are correctly handled in order of their priority and in the most efficient way possible.

Customizable workflows

An issue tracking system helps create workflows. By customizing workflows to your specific needs, the work of each member of the development team is regulated and optimized. Customized issue tracking workflows are particularly useful for large projects. It makes it possible to see the project’s overall direction, implement corrective measures quickly, and deliver timely results within your budget range.

Better accountability

Issue tracking systems make it easier to assign tasks to teams and individuals. The status of each task is straightforward as well as the person or team responsible for it. This ensures that everything progresses smoothly rather than wasting time on finger-pointing and uncertainties.

Ease of task routing

With tools like in-app chat, email notifications, dynamic routing, and task assignment, a defect tracking system makes it easy to assign and reassign items to teams and individuals. Both tasks and the resources needed to fix them are allocated appropriately to ensure timely resolution.


Using a dedicated system ensures that everyone is always on the same page. In addition to ensuring easier collaboration among teams, real-time access to updates and reports on each issue eliminates communication gaps and fosters transparency. Status changes are updated in real-time, and everyone involved is aligned with the overall goal.


In addition to providing a centralized platform for issue tracking, a good solution should also integrate with other development, communication, and collaboration tools. This allows it to fit neatly into the overall operational needs of an enterprise.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics are essential steps in any issue tracking process. A comprehensive tool also doubles as robust analytics. It helps identify significant trends, and document them. This is necessary to prevent the recurrence and will drive actionable insights.

Why You Should Try cloud-based Bug Tracking Tool

A cloud-based bug tracking software helps maintain all of the information within a central, secure platform for ease of access and improved collaboration. Having a comprehensive issue tracking system like Kissflow Workflow helps organizations customize their product to suit their operations, drive faster issue resolution, and enhance team productivity.

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