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Top 5 Benefits of Low-Code Platforms


The modern workplace is shifting and digitizing. Employees now expect more openness, better technology, improved collaboration, and higher flexibility in the workplace. As the workforce continues to become more and more distributed with a large number of employees going remote and others working from traditional offices, organizations need the right tools to keep their dispersed workforce always connected.

This is exactly where enterprise collaboration can help.

Enterprise collaboration allows employees to interact and communicate both across and beyond their work environment by giving them access to the technology that can streamline processes and enable collaboration.

What is enterprise collaboration?

Enterprise collaboration is defined as the system which is used for communication and collaboration in organizations to improve information gathering and knowledge sharing among employees, despite where they are located. The goal of enterprise collaboration is to make it easier for employees to work together, accomplish their tasks efficiently, and improve the overall business output.

It can be achieved through social networking tools, dedicated collaboration platforms, the company intranet, or even the internet. Successful enterprise collaboration in organizations leads to higher productivity, lesser chances of miscommunication, increased employee engagement, and better informed employees.