Product Roadmap

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About the Product Roadmap Template

Roadmaps are extremely crucial to product companies—it is a strategic document that details the vision and path of the product’s evolution over time. Every organization uses this document as a cornerstone to set crucial product development milestones, align teams and strategies to achieve them, and maintain competitive advantage in a highly combative industry landscape.

Getting Started with the Product Roadmap Template

As a product development manager, you’re constantly looking for ways to bring out a vision of your product to life. This may involve capturing crucial customer feedback, planning feature rollouts, and steering your team to hit crucial development milestones. Kissflow’s product roadmap template helps you do just that!
  • Deploy your product roadmap template in a matter of minutes
  • Customize your feature release and stakeholder management workflows with ease
  • Delegate specific action items to team members and ensure they adhere to the development timeline
  • Enable swift collaboration and boost your team’s productivity with an advanced analytics module

Benefits of Using This Template

Harness the power of the cloud:
Unlock the power of an elegantly designed product roadmap solution completely customizable to your business
An unencumbered view of work:
Optimize sprints and sessions end-to-end while setting goals and executing effective rollouts
The flexibility you need:
Adopt a flexible approach to product development while seamlessly managing ad-hoc action items without losing agility
Make the right decisions:
Route tasks through the right channels, gain approvals, and make quicker decisions
Effortless collaboration and communication:
Empower your teams to collaborate more efficiently and align them with your business goals
Advanced reporting and analysis:
Gain access to comprehensive dashboards that help you remove hurdles and improve efficiency
Product Roadmap

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