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About the Churn Management Template

Companies spend a great deal of time and effort bringing in customers. But in a highly competitive marketplace, most companies face the uphill challenge of keeping hold of their customers. This is why it is crucial to identify and prioritize vulnerable customers, take proactive action to curb attrition, and improve longevity.

Getting Started with the Churn Management Template

As a customer success manager, it is your responsibility to ensure customers experience sustained value and stay with your organization. This involves collaboration with teams on follow-up and recovery action, consistently communicating value to customers, and optimizing customer touch points.

  • Deploy your churn management template in a matter of minutes
  • Customize your retention and service delivery workflows with ease
  • Delegate specific action items to team members and ensure timely resolution and follow-ups
  • Enable swift team collaboration and improve your team’s productivity with an advanced analytics module
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Benefits of Using This Template

Harness the power of the cloud

Unlock the power of an elegantly designed churn management solution completely customizable to your business

An unencumbered view of work

Optimize customer touch points end-to-end while improving satisfaction and preventing customer churn

The flexibility you need

Adopt a flexible approach to customer retention and manage ad-hoc action items without losing agility

Make the right decisions

Route customer requests through the right channels, gain approvals and make quick decisions

Effortless collaboration and routing

Empower your teams to collaborate more efficiently and take proactive steps that aid in retention

Advanced reporting and analysis

Gain access to comprehensive dashboards that help you remove roadblocks and improve efficiency

Churn Management

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