Accounts Payable

Kissflow helps you manage short-term credits, identify cost-saving opportunities, clear outstanding invoices, and maintain strong vendor relationships

About the Accounts Payable Template

When an organization procures products or avails services from vendors, the company needs to pay suppliers for them. This is where accounts payable comes into play. The accounts payable team is responsible for verifying invoices, gaining approvals, identifying areas of cost-saving, and releasing payments on a timely basis.

Getting Started with the Accounts Payable Template

As a finance manager, you’re looking for ways to get your accounts payable team to process outstanding vendor invoices quickly, reduce operational friction, identify opportunities that help you save your company’s money, and improve vendor relationships. Kissflow’s accounts payable template helps you do just that!
  • Deploy your accounts payable template in a matter of minutes
  • Route approval steps to the appropriate teams, reduce delays and free up cash flow with increased transparency and accountability
  • Eliminate financial and compliance risk, avail detailed transaction and payment reports with comprehensive dashboards and analytics

Benefits of Using This Template

Harness the power of the cloud
Unlock the power of an elegantly designed accounts payable solution completely customizable to your business
An unencumbered view of work
Code and track invoice payments from start to finish within a single platform
The flexibility you need
Adopt a flexible approach to invoice verification and payments while handling ad-hoc tasks without losing agility
Make the right decisions
Route invoices through the right channels, gain approvals, and process payments quickly
Effortless collaboration
Empower your team to collaborate more efficiently and strengthen vendor/supplier relationships
Advanced reporting and analysis
Gain access to comprehensive dashboards that help you improve efficiency accelerate financial closing
Accounts Payable

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