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Event Planning Template - Kissflow

With Kissflow, you can enable great event experiences by organizing great trade show engagements, drive crucial conversations, and boost event ROI.

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About the Event Planning Template

Trade shows and conferences are a hub of activity. Companies use these massive forums to interact with their prospects and customers in person, showcase their products, and enable sales conversations. This often requires a great deal of coordination, execution, and flexibility.

Getting Started with the Event Planning Template

As a marketing manager, you recognize the importance of events and trade shows. They are great opportunities to set up face-to-face meetings with potential clients or customers, showcase your products, and strike deals while leads are warm.

  • Deploy your event planning template in a matter of minutes
  • Customize your trade show strategy and approval workflows with ease
  • Delegate specific action items to team members and ensure timely approvals, and enable sales
  • Enable swift team collaboration and boost event ROI with an advanced analytics module
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Benefits of Using This Template

Harness the power of the cloud:

Unlock the power of an elegantly designed event planning solution customizable to your business operations

An unencumbered view of work:

Create exhibit and booth activation initiatives that stand out and track deal progress within a single platform

The flexibility you need:

Adopt a flexible approach to event planning while proactively setting up key meetings without losing agility

Make the right decisions:

Route event execution items through the right channels, gain approvals, and make crucial decisions quicker

Effortless collaboration:

Empower your team to collaborate more efficiently and align your event strategy with company goals

Advanced reporting and analysis:

Gain access to comprehensive dashboards that help you improve productivity, increase efficiency, and drive event ROI

Event Planning

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