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Complaint Management Template

Kissflow is here to help you track customer complaints, dig into the details, and solve them quicker than ever. Complaints happen; it’s how you handle them that counts.

Simplifying your complaint management system enables you to swiftly track, investigate, and resolve issues to boost satisfaction. Ready to make handling complaints even better?

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About the Complaint Management System Template

Complaints are inevitable in every business. An effective customer management solution helps you handle issues swiftly, freeing up your team's time to focus on making customers happy instead of putting out fires. Kissflow’s template streamlines complaint tracking and resolution workflows, enabling you to improve service and win back unhappy customers.

Getting Started with the Complaint Management Template

As the head of customer support, a workflow-based complaint management system helps you prioritize customer issues based on criticality, handle, and route escalations, resolve complaints quickly, and provide customers with a delightful service experience.

  • Deploy your customer complaint template instantly in a matter of minutes
  • No need for external experts to configure complaint handling and service recovery workflows
  • Delegate action items, collaborate on follow-ups, and keep customers updated on their requests
  • Utilize predictive analytics and business intelligence to optimize customer touchpoints
Use this Template

Benefits of Using This Template

Harness the power of the cloud

Unlock the power of an elegantly designed complaint management solution completely customizable to your business operations

An unhindered view of work

Track and prioritize customer complaints and delegate action items from within a single platform

The flexibility you need

Adopt a flexible approach to customer complaints and seamlessly handle escalations without losing agility

Make contextual decisions

Curate custom responses to specific complaint types for accelerated decision making and resolution

Collaboration and effortless delegation

Empower your teams to collaborate more efficiently, route tickets, and enable faster approvals

Advanced reporting and analysis

Gain access to comprehensive dashboards that help you gather actionable data and make systemic improvements

Complaint Management

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Boost Customer Joy with Efficient Complaint Management System

Use this Template