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We have complex processes. Kissflow helps us enforce standard processes and makes sure nothing gets lost or goes wrong.

Colin Bonner, VP Business Operations

Vonage needs no introduction to us folks in the business world. In 2005 Vonage started its operations in UK and since, has been providing affordable; flexible and portable communication solutions to business and individuals alike. Over the years, Vonage UK has seen rapid growth in its business and which is only bound to amplify even further. During our recent conversation, Colin Bonner, VP Business Operations and Tim Henderson, Development Manager at Vonage UK, shared with us their insights on handling Customer Order Management in thriving businesses.


Custom Built Management Solution: As Vonage UK started seeing growth in the number of customer subscriptions, they brought in a custom built workflow system to manage customer orders and requirements. The system would bring structure in provisioning devices and while placing orders in the supply chain, through workflows. An effort was made to get every member of the organisation into the workflow, only, the custom system proved too complex to use. Eventually the workflows saw a lot of manual interaction which paved room for errors.

“Things would slip out, processes wouldn’t take place as designed to.. orders were misled..”

Vonage UK wanted a simple solution that would ensure every step was followed while carrying out a process and at the same time give them an insight into the status of each process.

Simple & Smart Solution: Tim found Kissflow while searching for a simple solution to his organisation’s burgeoning problem. Having automated the customer onboarding process and other ad hoc processes, Vonage UK controls its orders through workflows. Internal communication between teams and communication with suppliers outside the organisation is glitch free.

Vonage UK now has its workflow integrated with the organisation’s flow of operations. Kicking-off a customer request workflow when a customer submits a subscription form, through the approval cycle in the finance department and down till the operation team releases the order. Colin and Tim streamline & automate complex processes at Vonage UK, they truly are Kissflow champions!
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