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How Environmental Engineers Beat Growing Pains

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Certain things are easy to handle in a small office. When someone needs a purchase order, a quick chat or email will do the job immediately. However, as a company grows, so does the complexity.

That’s what happened to Specialty Earth Services, LLC. They offer environmental services like soil and groundwater remediation to clients across the US. Their staff has degrees in hydrogeology, geology, chemistry, environmental science, toxicology, engineering, and waste water operations.

Recently, they expanded their operations to include an office on the west coast. All of a sudden, those easy purchase order requests were a source of chaos.

“We had situations where people were requesting POs for large amount, but no one seemed to know what they were for or who was supposed to approve it,” said Lindsey Higgins, Office Administrator for Specialty Earth Services, LLC.

Lindsey researched various workflow tools and chose Kissflow. She set up the process herself using the ready-made Purchase Order application. She customized it for her office and saw the effects immediately.

“Now we can actually see who is requesting what and when. The accountability side has made it a lot better.” Lindsey often uses the reports feature to track requests and make sure everything’s running smoothly.

However, like many Kissflow customers, Lindsey’s favorite feature is the exceptional customer service. “Customer service has been great. The few times I’ve had any issues, they’ve been able to straighten everything out, which has been really nice. Most companies don’t do that.”

Specialty Earth Services, LLC is now looking at more ways to automate some of their systems to help their offices communicate more effectively. When the offices are thousands of miles away, transparency and easy access to information is crucial. They are looking to add a Vendor Onboarding app soon as well.

We are proud to support Specialty Earth Services, LLC as they keep our environment clean, safe, and sustainable.

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